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Theories of Super K Span Machine

Super K Span Machine theory is more complicated, and now the theory is not very mature, one of the most common methods is to simplify the analytical method. Simplified analytical method will be transverse and longitudinal bending bending deformation were analyzed, of which transverse bending deformation elastic-plastic theory and pure bending theory for analysis, while the strip as longitudinal deformation elastic-plastic shell analysis.

Some foreign institutions studied the single roll and multi-roll situations longitudinal strain, and the effects of different bending angles and bending angle increment under the strain changes. That the peak strain depends on the bending angle increment, rather than cold roll forming machine during rolling angle. Japan was raised edge molding channel locus of the horizontal projection of a cubic polynomial, and the boundary conditions of each undetermined coefficients obtained. Presents a longitudinal strain model is based on the cross-sectional shape of the blank for a single radius of the arc plane, perpendicular to the Z axis and always derived under the assumption of a model, the specific form of longitudinal strain.

The shape function includes a parameter N, N with the minimum total energy of deformation changes . Subsequently Kiuchi science, computer simulation technique used in turn shaped pipe roll forming .The maximum inclination angle obtained heat affected zone of the outermost surface of the metal flow lines, and the wall thickness, and so can reduce the maximum temperature soldering tilt angle conclusions. Salmani Tehrani , the introduction of a ” local bending ” roll forming tube defects as a limiting factor , the culmination of that image of the roll unit will result in a local strip folds, lower quality products . Experts proposed , based on the initial residual mechanical stress and glazed tile roll forming machine the actual plastic strain prediction method .

The method uses structural mechanics to describe each stage of production of the stress and strain , and ultimately obtained a series of closed-form prediction residual stress and strain of algebraic equations. Through the inner radius of the roll forming roll forming process zero simulation experiments to optimize the zero roll process design, pre-punched sheet metal roll forming machine simulation analysis, that the distortion generated hole the reason is regional and punching sheet metal working width is too close to the outer plates forming the transverse angular displacement resulting from abnormal hole bends .

Through simulation analysis Sinochem roller design , the use of advanced high strength steel DP800 and ordinary carbon steel Q225 of roll forming springback and changes were analyzed. That compared with Q235 , with the roll angle increases , DP800 rebound increment and roll bending deformation energy increment were shown to increase and reached the DP roll bending springback calculation , you should consider having a yield stress the increase of the bending angle characteristic results.

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