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Cloud habitat assembly: "cloud computing" under the intelligent cloud horizon

Cloud habitat assembly: "cloud computing" under the intelligent cloud horizon

The conference focused on the theme of "Internet, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" to show the ubiquitous cloud computing and interdependence of all walks of life under the "Internet +" era. Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, DT Times, The emergence of "intelligent hardware and software" and "artificial intelligence" in the high-frequency words of major media has already represented the core highlights of this year's conference.

Cloud business VS cloud possible

At this conference, Alibaba Cloud delivered a set of SSD cloud disks with excellent read and write performance, one-click hybrid cloud VPC service, PostgreSQL-compatible and Oracle-based cloud database, Redis KV database support, and gene sequencing and Rendering and other industries batch computing 11 new products, at the same time the activities of the Ali laboratory also demonstrated the powerful cloud computing power.

Behind this represents Ali cloud's three strategies: First, continue to accelerate product launches and iteration of various products and services; Second, in addition to public cloud-based products and services, will also continue to output Alibaba Group has the technical capabilities; Third, to provide the entire community with the ability to calculate and data layout.

The release of Aliyun brings unlimited possibilities and opportunities for the upstream and downstream enterprises in the future, provides a source of motivation for industrial upgrading and reform and innovation, and will excavate the passion and opportunity for entrepreneurship that are constantly boosted by cloud computing to bring new ideas to the design Value, service and more industries and businesses.

Cloud Smart VS cloud manufacturing

In this Alibaba cloud summit intelligent hardware summit, gathered the moment the hottest intelligent hardware and software companies, venture capital funds, media platforms and other founders to do wonderful content sharing.

In the collision of their speeches and thoughts, they also found many problems that triggered thinking and discussion in the industry. For example, in comparison with the situation in the past few years when a large number of enterprises in Shenzhen swarmed into production of smart products such as wristbands, Zhejiang enterprises started to gradually Transformation, to join the wave of innovation, entrepreneurship. In these enterprises to do product innovation design and development process, found that decades of manufacturing advantages accumulated to help local hardware startup team to bring products to play a great boost. In the meantime, everyone at the site shared their opinions on the future trend of the cloud freely and brought cutting-edge information, technology sharing and future trends to many entrepreneurs.

Cloud Computing VS Cloud Conference

According to a report released by Ali Research Institute, enterprises use cloud computing to reduce their computing costs by 70% and their innovation efficiency by 300%. Cloud computing has become a global innovation infrastructure, with some large enterprises and government agencies pushing IT to migrate to the cloud. In the future, cloud computing will become a trillion-tier market.

Cloud conference is based on the cloud computing model "efficient, convenient and low cost" video conferencing system, focusing on the Internet and mobile Internet business meetings, distance training, telemedicine and other fields, to provide users with SAAS multimedia communications services and a station Video solutions to help customers reduce travel costs and improve work efficiency.

With the convening of "Yunqi Conference", similar to ezTalks, the world's leading information and communications solutions provider will be "Internet +" as a driving force to accelerate the SAAS cloud conference sub-sector strategy landing, relying on safety and stability Cloud video platform, as well as advanced audio and video technology, and strive to build a more efficient and integrated Internet + vision to form a global value chain to help enterprises value and achieve win-win situation.

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