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Last but not least: Blackface — just don't do it.

Last but not least: Blackface — just don't do it.

Just don't do it. Ever. It's wholesale halloween costumes well documented that painting one's face to mimic someone who is black has a clearly racist history. Other stereotypes about African Americans, like big butts and big lips, are also almost always offensively reductive and mired in painful history.

Instead, appreciate it: African and swimwear manufacturer China culture, like every other culture on this list, is rich, vast and diverse — just taking a look at the world of style and fashion alone illuminates this. 

There are wholesale swimwear like Afrobella, which have for years championed natural hair and beauty, or longstanding magazines like Ebony and Essence. Newer style publications like Hannah are also popping up, aiming to spotlight how diverse and beautiful black culture and black women's style really can be.

Relating to and appreciating culture, any culture, is best done by first speaking with people who are closest to it and whose lives, experiences, practices and creations form the foundation for that world.