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The use of membrane DAZEN Nitrogen Gas Machine

Membrane generator is an important supplement for any enterprise in producing continuous supply of gaseous nitrogen in the field. These compact systems are ideal for low flow applications using high pressure cylinders or nitrogen dewar flasks. The use of membrane Nitrogen Gas Machine the worries of using gas cylinders and liquid Dewar bottles. Nitrogen is generated in a continuous and reliable manner, requiring only compressed air.

The most suitable applications for membrane nitrogen generator are: food packaging, chemical pharmaceutical, coverage, coffee packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, LCMS and plasma cutting system.

The membrane nitrogen generator is characterized by its low cost of purity relative to the purity that the unit will produce. If your business requires 99.5% or lower, the membrane generator is your correct solution. Your membrane nitrogen generator will be ready in less than 30 seconds, from cold start to mission, and run at the best level. The working pressure of these equipment can be up to 325 psig, no compression, more suitable for higher temperature. The highest temperature is between 70 degrees F and 120 degrees F.

As long as properly maintain, the membrane generator can last 10 to 15 years. Maintenance per 6 mos filter. - 1 years, O2 sensors are needed every year. Your film generator will not have moving parts.

If there are additional nitrogen requirements in the future, a big advantage of the membrane generator is that with the modular design in most cases, by adding the membrane module to the existing system, gas supply can be simple and cost economical expansion. The membrane generator will be delivered directly to your location, pre-inspected and ready for installation. Some models do not require electricity and it is benefit to explosion-proof applications.

Nitrogen requires MSDS, and may also require a small amount of training of the unit. Employees are safe around the units because the level of noise in these units is very low.

If you think the membrane generator can benefit the site nitrogen production. It is strongly recommended to use the membrane nitrogen generator.
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