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It is both an invidious and a beguiling task. Jack Lambert Jersey . The urge to rank things runs deep - in cricket, in sport, in life (though it is perhaps something males delight in more). Inevitably, the impulse to disagree is just as hardwired, a patellar reflex of the socialised human brain. You think that is the best...? In compiling Masterly Batting: 100 Great Test Centuries, Patrick Ferriday and Dave Wilson, assisted by an able band of co-conspirators, have struck up a pub debate liable to exercise pedants, inflame nationalists and, perhaps worst of all, provoke the Twitterati to fresh displays of mandrill pomposity. There could be broken glass.This is no back-of-a-beer-mat musing, however. The authors have come tooled up. The research has been rigorous, their soundings far and wide (former Wisden editor John Woodcock is one of the first to be credited in the acknowledgements). In setting out the projects aims, Ferriday is awake to the difficulty, both rousing and daunting. Ranking the 100 greatest Test hundreds - for that is what they have done, or attempted, despite the enigmatic subtitle - is not a matter of irrefutable fact, but rather falls into the category where no such certainty can bring the debate to a crushing and indelible conclusion. And it is precisely these latter cases that are the most stimulating; opinion is reinforced by fact, fact is questioned, opinion reinforced or, where open minds prevail, altered.The danger of having an open mind, of course, is that your brain falls out. But Masterly Batting should find the thoughtful audience it deserves. The methodology is explained in the introduction, with ten categories - size, conditions, bowling attack, percentage, chances, speed, series impact, match impact, intangibles, compatibility - weighed against each other. The precise formula is not revealed but we can assume it is quite exacting, as there are several tied positions. The prospect of sifting through over 2000 possible candidates would leave many to conclude that pure maths was the only way to go, but Ferriday and Wilson have brought humanity to the numbers by stirring in contemporaneous reportage and the wisdom of numerous cricket judges. The order is, in many ways, subordinate to the higher purpose, which is to collate great cricket writing on great cricket feats. Measuring centuries against each other was settled upon as a valid and achievable goal but the effect is to paint vivid pictures of a different kind of century - more than 100 years of Test batting. This is particularly true with regard to the top 25 innings, which are given extended treatment and take up more than half of the book.Never mind the run-making, the keystrokes are just as impressive. There are some fabulous pieces in the book by a variety of writers, including David Frith, Stephen Chalke, Telford Vice and Rob Smyth. Chalke provides a superb portrait of Herbert Sutcliffe, Daniel Harris on Gordon Greenidge fizzes and crackles with an apposite energy, while Vices essay on Jacques Kallis - He has fashioned one of the great careers with the passion he might have brought to mowing the lawn - is full of good lines. Ferriday himself worships thrice at the altar of Brian Lara, while the comic-book vitality of Kevin Pietersens 186 in Mumbai is another example of the multitudes contained within.The result is richly satisfying, a kaleidoscope of dogged rearguards, effervescent counter-attacking and dreadnought destruction. Absence is what makes the heart grow harder. Each reader will come to Masterly Batting in search of particular favourites, some of whom are bound to be disappointed. No Atherton in Johannesburg, no Dravid in Adelaide? It is the relative dearth of Asian representatives that will cause most debate: seven Indian entries, five Pakistani and three Sri Lankan, plus Mohammad Ashraful. Virender Sehwags 293 in Mumbai is the highest ranked, at No. 15, while Ashraful comes well ahead of Sachin Tendulkar, whose single worthy effort - 155 not out against Australia in Chennai - is deemed great enough to creep in at No. 100. This may seem doubly controversial in the prevailing climate of Sachinalia, although it is interesting to note that a similar exercise in 2001, the Wisden 100, found no room for Tendulkar at all.Perhaps a greater oversight is the lack of Asian voices - Rahul Bhattacharya is quoted in the opening pages, but that is as close as an Indian writer gets to the book. The subcontinent stretches far across crickets globe, however, and this might have been better reflected. On the matter of which innings did and didnt make the cut, Ferriday is happy to engage and he would doubtless provide a sound argument for the inclusion of both Kallis hundreds in Cape Town in 2011 when Tendulkars in the same match misses out.But they are still serving at the bar and argument will continue long into the night. In a publishing landscape that is dominated by turgid autobiographies and glossy compilations, Masterly Batting stands out like a Laxman cover drive. And where does Kolkata 2001 rank next to Bradman on a sticky MCG pitch or Mark Butchers Headingley heroics? Time for me to get my coat.Masterly Batting: 100 Great Test Centuries Compiled and edited by Patrick Ferriday and Dave Wilson Von Krumm Publishing 290 pages; £15 Joshua Dobbs Jersey . Its the second straight game Bell has scored in extra time for Kelowna, which beat the Brandon Wheat Kings 6-5 on Friday, and he now has four game-winning goals on the season. Troy Polamalu Jersey . Hargreaves began his career in 2008 with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and has played with the Edmonton Eskimos and last season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. http:///...c-mike-wagner-jersey . The news was first reported on Gonzalezs Twitter account and confirmed by the Rockies. Gonzalez has a six-week window before position players have their first workout at spring training in Arizona.PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- Rookie first-round draft pick EJ Manuel has the raw potential. Veteran free-agent addition Kevin Kolb has six seasons of NFL experience. None of that will factor into Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrones approach in determining which quarterback will win the starting job over the next six weeks. "What I look at is its really which players can we put on the field to win now," Marrone said, after being asked if the Manuel has the edge because hes regarded as the teams future. "A lot of people talk about the future. And really the future for us as coaches and as a team is now." Without preconceptions, Marrone will base his decision on what happens on the field in a competition that resumed Sunday night, when the Bills opened training camp with their first practice in suburban Rochester. Kolb got a majority of playing time with the starters, with Manuel spending most of his time with the second unit. Manuel wowed the crowd by hitting T.J. Graham on a pair of deep passes up the right sideline. He should have had another long completion, but rookie second-round pick Robert Woods dropped the ball in the end zone. Kolb was inconsistent hitting deep passes, but did complete a perfectly placed touch pass to tight end Scott Chandler just inside the right sideline. Marrone plans to increase Manuels time with the starters, and expects to have both evenly split practices. Marrone also revealed for the first time on Sunday that he intends to pick his starter about 10 days before the Bills opener against the New England Patriots on Sept. 8. By then, Marrone expects it will be apparent to him and the entire team which one has earned the job. "You cant succumb to speculation of down the road this person will be a better player," said Marrone, the first-time head coach who replaced Chan Gailey in January. "Im looking for who is the best player now." Manuel has been excited for the opportunity ever since the Bills selected him with the 16th pick, making the Florida State product the only quarterback chosen in the first round of the draft in April. "I think its a huge opportunity," Manuel said. "Obviously, I want to come out and make everybody happy, all the people in the front office." At 6-foot-4 and 237 pounds, Manuel has the size and showed off his arm-strength during spring practices. Stephon Tuitt Jersey. And yet, the Florida State product still has much to improve after Marrone noted that Manuel lacked "polish." Upon arriving at camp Friday, Manuel said hes not taken a day off since the Bills last practice on June 13. Hes worked on his footwork and mechanics, while also poring over the playbook to become comfortable with the up-tempo style of offence Marrone is introducing. "I think I made a lot of progress," said Manuel, who went 25-6 as a college starter. "So Im looking forward to seeing how I go out there and do." Manuel has already moved up the depth chart after the Bills cut veteran Tarvaris Jackson last month. Centre Eric Wood liked what he saw from Manuel during spring minicamps. "Hes got some leadership skills, hes got a great arm, athletic: A lot of things you look for in a quarterback," Wood said. "Now comes time to make some plays when the pads are on." For Kolb, competing for a starting job has become a familiar offseason exercise in his latest attempt to kick-start a career hampered by injuries. "I could probably just pull out a tape recorder from the last three years and hit play. Its nothing new," Kolb said. "Its always been a competition. Ive always had something to prove. And theres no better way to go about it." Staying healthy has been a key issue for Kolb, who has 28 touchdowns, 25 interceptions and a 9-12 record as a starter in 34 games split between Philadelphia and Arizona. Selected by the Eagles in the second round of the 2007 draft, Kolb was supposed to be Donovan McNabbs successor. Kolb barely got the chance. He was injured in the 2009 opener and eventually lost the starting job to Michael Vick. Kolb got a chance for a fresh start in 2011, when he was traded to the Cardinals and signed a five-year, $63 million contract. He went 5-6 as a starter in Arizona, with injuries ending both his seasons. Kolb respects Marrones approach to the competition. "Everywhere Ive been, whenever the starter is named, most of the team feels the same way," Kolb said. "So hopefully theres a drastic separation, and we can move forward and theres no question about who it should be. Of course, Im here to compete, and hopefully thats me." 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