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Aaliyah Daniel

I would like to talk a little bit about aHis Secret Obsession concept that is quite bizarre at first glance. But, I think, at some level, most men and women are already aware of it. I call it the pretense. That is to say, in the game of seduction, there are many pretenses.For example, consider the dating event itself. A boy and a girl go out and eat dinner together. Now the reason they are going out is usually not in pursuit of fine cuisine. From an evolutionary perspective, the reason they are going out is to evaluate each other as viable mating partners and decide if they wish to engage in a further ritual of sexual relations with each other. This scenario is actually a little bit skewed. It is really the man who displays, and the female who watches. This is how it is in the animal kingdom as well. Let us consider the peacock. A male peacock will display his feathers in an effort of seduction at any female who happens to walk by. It is her prerogative to examine him, think about his plumage, and then decide if she wants to have sex, or keep looking for another male to mate with. This is really no different than our game.

Remember, girls do not want to tell you what to say at every given time during the night. For them, the fun, and the romance is taken heed of the fact that you know what to say and do before she does. Women want to help you but they can't. This is how the game of seduction is played. She really wants you to seduce her and she wants to be charmed by you. She'll give you the permission to try but she won't help you along the way. In fact, if she did, this would indeed ruin the whole point of the interaction anyway.