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Aaliyah Daniel

A fitness boot camp must offer guaranteedThin From Within satisfaction or free trial or both. If the camp is confident about the services they offer, they must allow you to try for free. Ideally, they should guarantee satisfaction through a money back policy to eliminate risks at your end. They must know that results oriented training programs would bring more clients to their camp.

Majority of the people attend boot camps simply for reducing body weight, while some want to become stronger. People having heart, lung or other health problems, must seek the physician's clearance prior to joining the camp. People with well-controlled chronic ailments like diabetes or asthma can participate in the camp but they must inform the trainers about these ailments so that safe cardio exercises can be devised for them. People having osteoporosis must be carefully examined before doing strong strength training workouts to prevent breaks and strains. Moreover, unless one master basic body weight exercises viz. squats, push ups, lunges etc, there must be no additional weight attached to any exercise. Rushing into the workout with poor form and ahead of your trainer knowing the volume of weight you can hold, could lead to injuries. Your motivation gets a dent as well. Should you feel that you are being pushed harder, drop out.