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Aaliyah Daniel

This was the case with the legendaryAnabolic Stretching Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has often said that he used visualization to formulate the image of the man he wanted to become from the moment he took up bodybuilding. In your own training, it will pay to do the same and spend time nurturing the concept of how your abs will look and feel once you have achieved your goal. Another important and very effective way to use visualization is to mentally rehearse what you will accomplish during your workouts; such as the number of sets and repetitions you want to complete. It is also very effective if you are struggling to perform an exercise correctly, as the problem can soon be overcome by simply picturing yourself executing the movement as it should be done

At this stage I feel it is also worth mentioning an important and extremely relevant experiment carried out by Russian scientists. In this experiment, there were three separate groups of volunteers. The first group were instructed to perform a number of exercises for 12 weeks, the second group were told to spend 50% of their allotted time exercising and 50% of it just visualizing doing the exercises, and the final group were asked to do no exercise at all. Instead, the third group spent their time simply visualizing doing the exercises. The results of this experiment showed that the group who did both exercise and visualization became stronger than the group who only exercised. Remarkably, the group who practised only visualization and did not participate in any exercising were found to be the strongest group of all.