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Aaliyah Daniel

I know, that is a seemingly bad thingSpiritual Laws Of Money to say, but it is the best thing I could have said and written to you in this article, so that you know what to write, why to write it, and how to write it so that it works. For, the best sermons are the ones that work miracles, and those miracles come from the writer and speaker as well as the hearer when their hearts are awakened. So, I hope the four items I mentioned make more sense now, because to truly understand and get them, the head has to be combined with the heart more than just being in the same body if you know what I mean. Everything in the sermon has to work for good, work well, and help create better lives.

True story. I was being violently thrown against the side wall. My shoulder skin being burned off with friction. My ear repeatedly thrashed as my body lurched and I struggled to remain grounded. I couldn't pull out of the centrifugal force that was pulling me out against my will. I had to ride it through. All the while I wondered who was watching my luge debacle. Don't be confused. I'm not an Olympic athlete well, obviously. I was on vacation in Germany and our group made a stop to ride the luge. As we filed out of the bus, our tour guide gave us one brief instruction - lean into the curves. As the luge came into view I realized I wasn't in Kansas anymore.