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LAM Jan 3
GLASGOW, Scotland -- The 38-member World Anti-Doping Agency Foundation Board -- a body that includes sports and anti-doping administrators, former athletes and government officials -- will meet Sunday to discuss several significant reform proposals and confirm the expected re-election of WADA president Craig Reedie. Discount Buccaneers Jerseys .Months of conflict with the International Olympic Committee over how to deal with a massive doping scandal in Russia and correct overall deficiencies in anti-doping resulted in an open rift at the Rio Summer Games. Despite compelling evidence of state-sponsored doping gathered by whistle-blowers, investigative reporters and two separate WADA probes, the IOC dismissed WADAs recommendation for a blanket ban on Russias athletes and cleared the way for most to compete.Publicly, both sides agree on the need for greater autonomy and funding for WADA, and the chill between the two appeared to be thawing last month when the IOC formalized its wish list for a restructuring of global anti-doping that paralleled many of WADAs aims. But fissures reopened and politicking broke out last week at a meeting of national Olympic committee leaders. Sundays meeting should be a good gauge of exactly how far apart WADA and the IOC stand and what would be involved in a true separation of WADA from the sports institutions it is supposed to regulate.Whats on the agenda?Proposals call for potentially sweeping changes in WADAs structure and sanctioning power and a beefed-up investigative staff. The Russian scandal exposed WADAs inability to cope with large-scale organized doping, something the agency wants to remedy with a spectrum of penalties including fines and -- in cases where anti-doping has been systematically undermined -- the authority to impose wholesale suspensions. That is sure to inflame the IOC and move the two bureaucracies into uncharted territory in their jurisdictional battle. WADA leadership will contend there is ample support for these measures from athletes, governments who fund anti-doping and the national anti-doping organizations themselves. Another core proposal to create a new, independent testing entity from scratch is still in the study stage: How would such an entity be funded? Would established anti-doping organizations with good reputations be incorporated or dismantled? A lot of basic questions are still on the table.Is Reedies job secure?The 75-year-old IOC member and former international badminton official is running unopposed for a second three-year term. Reedie was publicly excoriated by leaders of several national Olympic committees at a meeting in Doha, Qatar, last week, in part because WADA had just announced a suspension of the accredited laboratory there. That prompted accusations of a deliberate attempt to embarrass the host, a country with obvious Olympic ambitions, but WADA officials insisted the timing was coincidental. The IOC then endorsed Reedies second term while at the same time calling for a neutral president to be selected in the course of future structural reform. Current WADA rules mandate that the position switch back and forth between individuals representing Olympic sport and a national government. In practice, it may be extremely difficult to find someone with a working knowledge of sports and anti-doping -- but without a vested interest -- to lead the organization.Where does WADA stand on Russias national anti-doping organization, which was declared out of compliance last year?The board will hear an update on RUSADAs progress. UK anti-doping officials attempting to oversee testing and reform measures there earlier this year painted a bleak picture, citing numerous instances of evasions, denial and obstruction. The Russian track and field federation remains suspended by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the sports international governing body. WADA also is slated to formalize a new whistle-blower policy outlining standards for treatment and support of those who come forward. That move follows wide criticism of WADAs longtime inaction in the case of Vitaly Stepanov and his wife, Yuliya Stepanova, the former anti-doping worker and elite runner whose notes and secret recordings tore the cover off the Russian track scandal.After this meeting, what is the next shoe to drop?Law professor Richard McLaren of Canada is due to deliver the second part of his WADA-commissioned independent investigation into Russian doping next month. His initial report, instigated by?descriptions of sabotage and manipulation of test results by the former Moscow lab director who oversaw anti-doping operations at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, was released on the eve of Rio 2016. It implicated an array of winter and summer sports other than track and field. The IOC set up its own ongoing investigation as a follow-up to McLarens and said Sochi samples would be retested. This week, the IOC said it would allocate $500,000 to WADAs investigations unit in exchange for active cooperation from McLaren, but the law professor has yet to confirm he agreed to any conditions. Cheap Buccaneers Jerseys . Louis Blues absence from top spot in the TSN. Buy Cheap Buccaneers Jerseys . Only three players drafted by NHL clubs were included on the Czech selection camp roster on Wednesday. Those players were Dallas Stars 2012 first-rounder Radek Faksa, Winnipeg Jets 2013 fourth-rounder Jan Kostalek and Phoenix Coyotes 2012 seventh-rounder Marek Langhamer. . The mixed zone is not a place to make friends. Dont say Tim Duncan is boring. The recently retired?San Antonio Spurs?star took in a Maroon 5 concert in San Antonio over Labor Day weekend and also hung out?backstage with one of the openers, R. City (also known as Rock City).Like Duncan, R. Citys members are from the Virgin Islands. Below, Timo of R. City raps part of the duos song titled Tim Duncan.Timo also posted ppictures hanging backstage with Duncan, as did R. Buccaneers Jerseys Outlet. . Citys manager, Jamal Samuel.There was also a group shot at the end, and, unsurprisingly, Duncan towered over all -- even though he was hunched over.(H/T San Antonio Express-News) Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '