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Aaliyah Daniel
Aaliyah Daniel Dec 7 '17

Discipline. You can The Profit Kings have the best system for winning on Betfair ever devised but if you don't use it correctly and with discipline you will fail! Let's say there are a set of rules by which you find your racing selections. If one day you are frustrated at a lack of selections and you choose to bend the rules you have deviated from what may be a winning Betfair system and are now just plain gambling. Managing your betting bank, using sensible staking plans and knowing when to quit for the day are all essential in profitable gambling and all require discipline. A Betfair winning formula is exactly that - a formula to follow to the letter. If you step outside of that you can't criticise a system it doesn't delive

 Realistic expectations. This is a favourite of mine! Any system which claims to double your betting bank every week, or talks of the author buying sports cars and giving up his day job should set up alarm bells!