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LAM Oct 12
With the football season and AFL trade period over, clubs now know what picks theyll be taking to the national draft in Sydney on November 25. Raiders Jerseys Store .But which club will pick what player, and when?ESPN.com.au AFL draft expert Christopher Doerre - aka Knightmare - may have the answers.As well as attending live games during the season, Doerre pores through match vision, analyses the stats and talks to industry sources to ensure he can offer the most insightful analysis.His phantom draft is only for the first two rounds of the draft, and will be updated and extended several times ahead of the event itself.This is his first update after his initial phantom draft in October.ROUND ONEPick one: Essendon Who theyll pick: Hugh McCluggage Why he goes here: Essendon have the enviable decision between North Ballarats McCluggage and Sandringham Dragon Andrew McGrath. The choice likely is the 185cm, 75kg, McCluggage, who features up the top of most draft boards around the country. He has earned top spot through his production, consistency, improvement and hurt factor. McCluggage is arguably the cleanest ground-level player and the best ball user in this draft. There is also no one else like him hitting inside 50m targets and finishing from anywhere on goal. Late noise has it that Essendon may bid on Will Setterfield here. If indeed Essendon bid on Setterfield with pick No. 1, GWS are believed unlikely to match.Pick two: GWS Who theyll pick: Andrew McGrath Why he goes here:?If Essendon take McCluggage, GWS have the player who is believed to be No. 1 on their draft board. With star defender Heath Shaw turning 31 in November, McGrath would get the experience of playing alongside and being mentored by Shaw with a view to eventually succeeding him as GWS primary rebounder and runner from the back half. At 179cm, 75kg, McGrath is the best in the draft at providing run and carry with ball in hand from the back half - there are few juniors in recent memory who provide the overlap run in support that McGrath does.Pick three: Brisbane Who theyll pick: Ben Ainsworth Why he goes here: With pick three, Brisbane are likely to take 179cm, 74kg forward Ainsworth. Up forward, he is a matchup nightmare with an enormous vertical leap, explosiveness on the lead and vice-like strong marking overhead. He is also capable of pushing up through the midfield with his impact per possession high.Pick four: Gold Coast Who theyll pick:?Sam Petrevski-Seton Why he goes here:?At this stage, GWS Academy midfield star Will Setterfield may receive a bid from Gold Coast if he hasnt already. GWS are highly likely to match bids for Setterfield here. If Essendon bid on and take Setterfield from under GWS, Hugh McCluggage may slide here and be the choice. Assuming things go as has been widely tipped with McCluggage selected with pick No. 1, Petrevski-Seton is among those believed to be in the mix here. Petrevski-Seton, 181cm, 76kg,?has in recent years built a reputation around taking on the game at every opportunity with his acceleration, evasiveness and sidestep all features of his game. He displays freakishness at ground level and is a very balanced, dual-sided player. With Harley Bennell and Jarrod Garlett lost in the past two offseasons, Gold Coast may look to replace some of the outside run lost with Petrevski-Seton.Pick five: Carlton Who theyll pick: Tim Taranto Why he goes here: With Carlton needing help through the midfield and up forward, Sandringhams finals star Tim Taranto helps fill both needs and offers them great flexibility. At 186cm, 82kg, he is a ball winner through the midfield and is just as good if not better up forward. Taranto sets up teammates off half-forward with his precise skills or can push deep inside the forward 50m and be a deep marking target in his own right.Pick six: Gold Coast Who theyll pick: Jack Scrimshaw Why he goes here: At 193cm, 80kg, Scrimshaw is a utility with outstanding evasive movement through traffic and a long, damaging kick that can break games open. Gold Coast are believed to have strong interest in the Sandringham premiership player and if not with this selection are likely to pick him with one of their following choices.Pick seven: Fremantle Who theyll pick: Tim English Why he goes here: A bid on Jack Bowes here is likely from Fremantle, which would be matched by Gold Coast. If Sam Petrevski-Seton is not available, who has long been linked to Fremantle, English would make a lot of sense for the Dockers. With Aaron Sandilands in the twilight of his career and Jonathon Griffin a 30-year-old himself, late-blooming West Australian ruckman English might be the choice. At 204cm, 86kg, he would be groomed in time to become Fremantles No. 1 ruckman. His improvement this season has been notable with his skills, mobility and disposal numbers better than some midfielders.Pick eight: Gold Coast Who theyll pick: Will Hayward Why he goes here: Hayward, a leadup forward at 186cm, 76kg, was just about unstoppable during the SANFL Under-18 finals with 13 goals in his final two games. A smart, athletic, strong-marking forward, Hayward is at his best inside the forward 50m. He creates separation on the lead, takes marks at the highest point, is an aerial and a one-on-one marking threat. Hayward also is clean at ground level and provides heavy scoreboard impact. Some suspect in time he may develop the scope to push through the midfield, which increases his appeal.Pick nine: Sydney Who theyll pick: Griffin Logue Why he goes here:?Logue, a 194cm, 92kg key defender, is believed to be of firm interest to Sydney. With Ted Richards retired and Heath Grundy 30 years old, Sydney may take this opportunity to add the athletic, mature-bodied key defender. Logue has spent time both as a key defender and has also shown glimpses as a big-bodied, ball-winning midfielder during the second half of the season. He finished equal first in the beep test and top five in the 3km time trial at the draft combine which suggests a future either down back or through the midfield is possible.Pick 10: Gold Coast Who theyll pick: Jack Bowes Why he goes here: Gold Coast are expected to match any reasonable bids for Bowes and would certainly match pick seven for their highly prized academy prospect. Bowes, a 187cm, 78kg classy, ball-winning midfielder also has the versatility to push forward and have an impact. He is likely to push for senior games from early in the season after promising NEAFL performances late in the year.Pick 11: North Melbourne Who theyll pick: Oliver Florent Why he goes here: Florent, at 183cm, 74kg, can add further outside run to the Roos. He offers composure with ball in hand, a high work rate and a nice mix of acceleration and evasiveness. He has elevated his draft stocks substantially with a strong finals series for Sandringham and was, after the Dragons grand final win, best on ground in the Under-18 All-Stars game.Pick 12: West Coast Who theyll pick: Sam Powell-Pepper Why he goes here: Powell-Pepper is a powerful ground-ball winner at 186cm, 83kg who provides heavy impact per possession. He often wins ground balls at speed and shows great power over the ball. He offers the versatility to play forward, midfield or back. He is a threat to break the lines and when used up forward he hits the scoreboard. It is likely Powell-Pepper would be used forward in his first few seasons with the view in time to push through the midfield more.Pick 13: Adelaide Who theyll pick: Daniel Venables Why he goes here: Adelaide at this choice may bid on GWS midfielder Harry Perryman, but GWS will match any reasonable bids for him. Given this, Venables here would be a suitable choice for Adelaide. At 186cm, 81kg, Venables is an aggressive tackler with explosive breakaway speed from stoppages who can hit the scoreboard and do damage by foot. He likely starts his career up forward and with time has the capacity to push for a midfield position.Pick 14: Port Adelaide Who theyll pick: Will Brodie Why he goes here: As a best available selection, Brodie would at stoppages add much-needed grunt and contested-ball winning and importantly a succession plan to Robbie Gray and Travis Boak, both of whom are 28 years of age. Brodie, 189cm, 82kg, is an immediate player who wins first possession at stoppages and displays excellent speed, agility and work-rate by position. He is a proven performer against mature VFL bodies and lifts when the game is on the line.Pick 15: GWS Who theyll pick: Will Setterfield Why he goes here:?If Gold Coast bid pick four for Setterfield, GWS are likely to match. Setterfield is a strong contested-ball winning midfielder who tackles with power. He is one of the more composed players with ball in hand in this draft and shows excellent vision, lowering his eyes and often finding forward 50m targets. The 190cm, 80kg midfielder has the upside to be one of the best midfielders in this draft but with GWS loaded midfield may start his career up forward where he can use his aerial marking power to have an impact.Pick 16: Brisbane Who theyll pick: Jarrod Berry, Why he goes here:?Berry, 191cm, 80kg, may be the choice for Brisbane here, providing pace, versatility and leadership. Berry is an excellent athlete who provides significant run and carry with a burst of speed and the endurance to run all day. When played through the midfield he wins his own ball, down back he provides run and carry, taking intercept marks and up forward hits the scoreboard.Pick 17: Port Adelaide Who theyll pick: Jy Simpkin Why he goes here: Missing the season with a broken leg, Simpkin, 181cm, 71kg when healthy can provide Port Adelaide with much needed skill and x-factor up forward or pushing up through the midfield. He is one of the best kicks into the forward 50m in this draft and displays composure with ball in hand and excellent vision. He has good acceleration and also is a good finisher around goal who can hit the scoreboard.Pick 18: Western Bulldogs Who theyll pick: Todd Marshall Why he goes here: With Tom Boyd one of the Western Bulldogs big pillars up forward and rotating through the ruck, the Dogs may look to Marshall as a long-term compliment to Boyd. Marshall likely takes three or four years until he develops. At 198cm and 87kg, he is very athletic and agile and has rare cleanness at ground level for someone his height.Pick 19: Sydney Who theyll pick: Luke Ryan Why he goes here:?Ryan, a 185cm, 82kg, 20-year-old back flanker, had a breakout season for Coburg in the VFL and looms as a ready-to-play half-back flanker. He is expected to be the first mature-age player drafted. He reads the flight well, taking intercept marks regularly and is a high production player who makes good decisions out of the back half, providing rebound by foot.ROUND TWOPick 20: Essendon Who theyll pick: Jordan Gallucci Why he goes here:?Gallucci adds explosiveness and x-factor to Essendons midfield. He is a damaging 183cm, 75kg midfielder with explosive breakaway speed and agility. He has the versatility to play midfield, back or forward and offers Essendon flexibility.Pick 21: Brisbane Who theyll pick: Shai Bolton Why he goes here: Brisbane here, given the clubs midfield deficiency, may bid pick 21 on Gold Coast Academy midfielder Brad Scheer. Gold Coast are likely to match bids on Scheer. With that in mind, Bolton, a creative 177cm, 67kg forward would be a great list fit for Brisbane here. Bolton has striking acceleration and evasiveness. He is a one-touch player who wins ground balls at speed and offers heavy scoreboard impact across half-forward.Pick 22: Brisbane Who theyll pick: Alex Witherden Why he goes here: Witherden, a 184cm, 78kg backman, would add much-needed precision ball use to Brisbanes back half and help generate meaningful drive off half-back. With time, as he builds up his endurance, he may also develop the scope to push through the midfield. Witherden has missed this season with a broken leg but on past performance is worth a selection around here.Pick 23: St Kilda Who theyll pick: Josh Rotham Why he goes here:?Rotham, a 192cm, 79kg athletic backman who can break the lines and use the ball reliably out of defence, may be considered here. He can play tall or small down back and looks at his best with ball in hand. He may also in the future push up onto a wing.Pick 24: Geelong Who theyll pick: Cedric Cox Why he goes here: Cox, off a half-back flank and pushing up onto a wing, adds crucial run for Geelong. Cox, 184cm, 70kg, is a line breaker with serious acceleration and hurt factor by foot.Pick 25: Carlton Who theyll pick: Jordan Ridley Why he goes here:?Ridley, a 192cm, 79kg utility, could prove a suitable list fit off a half-back flank for Carlton and pushing up onto a wing. Ridley is an athletic utility who is an efficient ball user and when used down back is an intercept marking threat.Pick 26: Western Bulldogs Who theyll pick: Brennan Cox Why he goes here: The Bulldogs here may look to add to their key position stocks. They may place a bid on GWS Academy player Zachary Sproule. With GWS losing several key position players during the trade period, they are likely to match the Bulldogs offer. Cox, a 194cm, 90kg key defender, may be in the mix here and appeal with the Bulldogs key defence stocks lean. Cox is very athletic and has good one-on-one strength. He can take intercept marks and also provide run from the back half.Pick 27: Richmond Who theyll pick: Patrick Kerr Why he goes here: With the departure of Ty Vickery, who joined Hawthorn as a free agent, and Jack Riewoldt now 28 years of age, Kerr if available may be someone who could be drafted here, with a view to being Riewoldts eventual successor. Kerr is a strong-marking, 194cm, 93kg key forward who plays with a presence in the front half.Pick 28: Collingwood Who theyll pick:?Joshua Battle Why he goes here: With the departure of Travis Cloke and limited key forward depth, Battle at 192cm, 90kg, may be considered with this selection. He is a strong mark overhead with clean hands at ground level and excellent endurance. He is a reliable kick on goal and hits his targets around the ground.Pick 29: Essendon Who theyll pick: Jonty Scharenberg Why he goes here: Scharenberg, the younger brother of Collingwoods Matthew, may be chosen here by Essendon to add to their existing midfield group. The 186cm, 80kg midfielder is a strong contested ball winner through the midfield who tackles with intensity and uses the ball well by foot.Pick 30: Port Adelaide Who theyll pick: Jack Graham Why he goes here: Graham, 183cm, 83kg is a strong-bodied contested-ball winning midfielder who distributes well and tackles with intensity. He was named the Larke Medalist during the AFL Under-18 Championships for the best player over the five weeks.Pick 31: Port Adelaide Who theyll pick: Kobe Mutch Why he goes here: Mutch, 184cm, 79kg, is a high-production midfielder who runs all day. He is a clean ball user and wins the contested footy. Mutch has the capacity to play either as an inside or outside midfielder. Mutch is part of GWS Academy but due to the depth of the clubs midfield may be passed on by GWS.Pick 32: North Melbourne Who theyll pick: Zac Fisher Why he goes here: Fisher, a 175cm, 61kg midfielder, at this point represents strong value and would be a strong list addition for any club with a midfield needing a boost. Fisher has performed strongly at WAFL League level and despite his height and build is an excellent contested-ball winner and stoppage player. He has very clean hands and is a precise user of the ball by hand and foot who makes good decisions with ball in hand. He also demonstrates acceleration from stoppages as well as good agility and evasiveness in traffic.Pick 33: North Melbourne Who theyll pick: Taylin Duman Why he goes here: Duman is an athletic 193cm, 75kg utility who gives North Melbourne options here. He could develop into an outside runner, tall flanker or key position player. He links up well on the outside and finds plenty of the ball.Pick 34: West Coast Who theyll pick: Dylan Clarke Why he goes here: West Coast needing more midfielders and small forwards, they may consider bidding on Collingwood father-son choice Callum Brown. Collingwood are likely to match bids for Brown. Given this, Clarke, the brother of North Melbournes Ryan, may be considered here. He is a contested-ball winning beast who does his best work at stoppages. The 187cm, 85kg big-bodied midfielder distributes well by hand and has excellent endurance allowing him to get to every contest.?Pick 35: Fremantle Who theyll pick: Tom Williamson Why he goes here: With an aging back half, Fremantle may look to Williamson, a 188cm, 79kg, athletic flanker to provide some drive off half-back. He shows genuine run and dare with ball in hand and is a risk taker with scope to develop.Pick 36: St Kilda Who theyll pick: Willem Drew Why he goes here: St Kilda here may look to bolster their key defence stocks by placing a bid on GWS Academy key defender Harrison Macreadie. With GWS relocating Macreadie to Sydney to be closer to the club, it is highly likely that GWS will match bids for Macreadie. Drew, who is a stoppage specialist, wins first possession at stoppages and tackles aggressively, may be the Saints choice here. At 188cm, 78kg, he was arguably the TAC Cups most impactful onballer this year, with his aggressiveness and physical play making him stand out above his peers.Pick 37: GWS Who theyll pick: Harry Perryman Why he goes here: This pick would be moved up to match a bid on Perryman, who is one of the best pure footballers in this draft. At 184cm, 75kg Perryman is a strong contested-ball winner who is clean at ground level, strong overhead, has a high work rate and uses the ball well by hand and foot. While best suited to playing through the midfield, given how strong GWS midfield is, Perryman is expected to find a position in GWS back half where he has spent much of this season.Pick 38: Geelong Who theyll pick: Isaac Cumming Why he goes here: GWS Academy player Cumming at 183cm, 72kg is a back flanker who provides good run out of the back half. He is clean, composed and makes good decisions, generally hitting a target. For GWS, Cumming is a nice to have and likely someone given the depth of talent in their academy this year theyll let go elsewhere. Given this, Geelong with an aging defence would welcome Cumming as a rebounder in their back half.Pick 39: GWS *To secure the points required for Harry Perryman, GWS likely will need to forfeit this selection. Using the clubs later picks, GWS are likely to match bids on Zachary Sproule and Harrison Macreadie.Pick 40: Fremantle Who theyll pick: Ryan?Garthwaite Why he goes here: Garthwaite, a 192cm, 84kg backman from the GWS Academy, is likely to be passed on by GWS which means opportunity for the other 17 clubs. Garthwaite down back can play either tall or small. He is an excellent intercept-marking backman who reads the flight well and is strong in one-on-one contests.Some Academy and father-son choices who likely will feature in the first or second round and have their bids matched:Brad Scheer, a 184cm, 83kg Gold Coast Academy midfielder, is a promising strong-bodied, contested-ball winner who can push forward and provide a target. With Brisbane bidding pick 21 in this draft, Gold Coast are likely to match Brisbanes bid, going further into points deficit.GWS are likely to match the Western Bulldogs bid of pick 26 for Zachary Sproule with the 197cm, 87kg Sproule likely to join GWS through their Academy. Sproule is a mobile tall with good skills who covers a lot of ground and has scope to develop as a key position player at either end or potentially push up onto a wing.With West Coast in this draft possibly bidding pick 34 for Collingwood father-son prospect Callum Brown, son of Gavin, Collingwood are likely to match the bid. The 177cm midfielder plays a hard, contested brand of footy. He has some pace and also can play forward.GWS Academy key defence prospect Harrison Macreadie, 196cm, 89kg, is an athletic key defender who can shut down a direct opponent and provide some run and clean footskills out of the back half. With St Kilda bidding pick 36 for Macreadie, GWS are likely to match this bid.Academy and father-son prospects outside the first and second rounds:Joshua Williams (Gold Coast Academy, line breaking outside type), Jacob Allison (Brisbane Academy utility) and Declan Watson (Brisbane Academy key defender) and are among the remaining Academy players who have attracted interest and may be selected in this years AFL draft, with each figuring to attract bids around the third round.Ben Jarman (Adelaide father-son, son of Darren), Josh Daicos (Collingwood father-son, son of Peter) and Jake Waterman (West Coast father-son, son of Chris) are other father-son selections who are likely to feature in the national draft. Each figure to receive a bid around the third round of the draft, with each club likely to match bids around this point.Clubs without a first or second round draft choice: With Melbourne entering the draft in the third round with pick 47, they may consider Ben Long if available. Long, 183cm, 71kg, is a versatile type who has shown promise both forward and back. He proved a capable shutdown player during the Under-18 Championships for the Allies and late in the season impressed for Footscray in the VFL.Hawthorn, who enter the draft in the fifth round with pick 88, have chosen not to nominate Ben Jarman as a father-son. Given this, for a late draft smokie, key forward and relieving ruckman Esava Ratugolea would be a great get. Ratugolea at 194cm, 95kg is a raw talent with outstanding power, athleticism and an appetite for the contest. Raiders Stitched Jerseys . Batiste, who briefly signed with the Eskimos in 2006, has spent time with several NFL teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins. Raiders Womens Jerseys . 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