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Regular WWE watchers already apperceive that this Sunday’s Backlash pay-per-view is sponsored by Rocket League. That’s annihilation new, because endless of WWE PPVs accept been sponsored by video abecedarian in the past. What is new is that on Wednesday, WWE and Rocket Alliance appear an official partnership. It looks like the cutting acceptance of Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown gaming channel has not been absent on WWE at large.

If you’re not accustomed with Rocket League, it’s a video bold from administrator Psyonix area you play soccer with an astronomic brawl by active rocket-propelled cars. And sometimes, you play basketball. It was an astronomic hit the burning it was released, and it has been an acutely sponsored advancing eSport aback 2015.

This affiliation is WWE acutely dipping its toe into the apple of eSports, which could in actuality use some of the adeptness and brio that’s readily attainable in pro wrestling. Let’s get some of these able gamers agreeable in some accurately talk, already. GET IT TOGETHER, GAMERS. TAUNT YOUR FOES.

So what does the affiliation mean? Well, Rocket Alliance will sponsor both Backlash and Abundant Assurance of Blaze (yes, still a complete thing, and maybe accompanying to the assurance in Rocket League?), and will be a “promotional partner” for SummerSlam. The columnist release:


San Diego, Calif., and Stamford, Conn., – Psyonix, creators of the sports-action hit Rocket League?, and WWE (NYSE: WWE) today appear a affiliation that will accommodate Rocket Alliance with significant afterimage and customer assurance above WWE’s all-around platforms, including (click Rocket League Items)  television, agenda and amusing media, and on WWE Network, WWE’s direct-to-consumer alive


Rocket Alliance will be a presenting accomplice of two attainable pay-per-view contest including this Sunday’s Backlash?, as able-bodied as Abundant Assurance ofFire? on Sunday, July 9. Rocket Alliance will aswell be a promotional accomplice of WWE’s bigger blow of the summer, SummerSlam?, on Sunday, August 20. Rocket Alliance artistic will air above WWE Network, WWE’s agenda and amusing channels,

and on WWE’s flagship TV programsMonday Night Raw? and SmackDown? Reside on USA Network. The award-winning bold currently boasts a affiliation of added than 31 actor players, and through this new partnership, admirers at attainable WWE reside contest will accept the befalling to acquaintance and play Rocket Alliance at arenas above the U.S.

“The chip affiliation with Psyonix will accommodate Rocket Alliance with an befalling to beforehand WWE’s all-around platforms and adeptness our amorous fan base, abounding of whom are ardent gamers,” said John Brody, WWE Controlling Carnality President, All-around Sales & Partnerships. “We attending avant-garde to alive with Rocket Alliance as we collectively body customized one-stop arcade

programs to adeptness their consumers.”

“As WWE admirers ourselves, we are able-bodied acquainted of WWE’s able capabilities as a cardinal business partner,” said Jeremy Dunham, Carnality President, Publishing, Psyonix. “WWE has accurate time and afresh that they apperceive how to assassinate absurd chip programming, and with an admirers that has agnate interests to our own, it was alone accustomed that we aggregation up to see what we

could do together.”

Additional aspects of the affiliation include: WWE’s accustomed YouTube gaming access UpUpDownDown, which just surpassed 1 actor subscribers dedicating six episodes to Rocket League, hosted by WWE Superstar Xavier Woods?. Rocket Alliance will aswell be the presenting accomplice of the newly-announced WWE Women’s Tournament, area for the aboriginal time in WWE history, 32 of the top changeable competitors from 17 countries will participate in a clash this summer airing on WWE Network.

As accepted by Psyonix over on their (how to get Rocket League Trading you can come to lolga) website, auto-qualification is advancing to Rocket League, and with the North American & European Bounded Championships looming, there's affluence to play for, and not just the $25,000 amount basin and a Apple Championship place.

The top two teams from the Euro and NA Championships, which bang off (or should that be 'get rolling') on May 6, will now automatically book their places in the Rocket Alliance Championship Division 4. The aggregation crowned apple champions in June will aswell auto-qualify, unless of advance they've already qualified.

It was afterwards accepted on Reddit that teams will accept to be adequately consistent, advancement 2/3rds of their Division 3 agenda for the consecutive season, atomic they amount their abode in the competition.

Finally, Rocket League is advancing to (visit Buy Rocket League Items)  the complete world! We're beholden to accustom today that we acquire teamed up with Zag Toys on a new bandage of Ancient Minis Pull-Back Racers.

Starting this Spring, 12 of our iconic Battle-Cars will be attainable for adeptness as Racers, with commemoration car housed in its own miniature Rocket Ball. These Ancient Minis will be affiliated to the toy cars we all grew up with (or if you’re me, still play with now). Pull the Racer ashamed on the carpeting or floor, adjournment as the adeptness ratchet up, and let it fly!

We’re aswell bringing some acclimatized in-game able with these new Ancient Minis, as some of the Racers will covering a blank that can be adored in Rocket League for a acclimatized Rocket Trail and Wheel!

Octane, Dominus, Masamune, Hotshot, Grog, X-Devil, Merc, and Backfire will all be allocation of the new Ancient Minis line, alternating with four apprenticed variants to annular out the ancient dozen Racers. Assay out the GIF below to see the Racers in action!

16/17 season, the first round of the Spanish (visit Buy FIFA 18 Coins league will be a racing. At the Barethos stadium, Real Madrid will be away against Vigoselta. For Real Madrid, this is a key game against the championship. Real Madrid in fact only need a draw, basically can ensure win.

In the history of La Liga, the two teams were confrontation 101 times, Real Madrid 57 wins and 15 draws and 29 losses, winning the ball for 152 to 43. In the away against Celta, Real Madrid record of 17 wins and 10 draws and 23 losses, winning the ball for the 74 to 90. In the first battle this season, Real Madrid home 2 to 1 victory over Celta. Real Madrid last time in the league lost to Celta, occurred in the 13/14 season, the first 37 rounds, when Real Madrid 0 to 2 lost in advance to win after winning may be. In the King's Cup quarter-finals this season, Celta to 4 to 3 out of the total score of Real Madrid.

In the Ligue 1 standings, Real Madrid is currently a small match with Barcelona points the same. In the final round of the league, Real Madrid will be on the road against Malaga. Malaga war in Europe hopeless relegation worry, itself lacks morale and goals. Málaga coach Michelle is one of the Real Madrid five eagles, he has clearly put the words may be in the Real Madrid when the water. This means that Real Madrid as long as the road kicked Celta, in fact, has been able to ensure that the win. Three years ago, Real Madrid lost in the last round of the second round of Celta lost crown. Now, Real Madrid is likely in the penultimate round against Celta in advance to ensure win.

For C Lo, this may be a milestone battle. In C Lo's career, he has won 199 games, he is only a step away from the 200 wins hall. In the history of Real Madrid foreign players, only Marcelo (212 wins) and Carlos (211 wins) Xixi wins more than C Luo. In the Spanish players played in the Primera Liga, C Luo and Figo currently maintain a record of 199 wins, he is also expected to complete tomorrow morning to the former Barcelona captain beyond. But C Luo need to guard against foul action, he and Isaac, Lucas - Vazquez are now four yellow cards, eat a yellow will be in the end of the season was suspended.

In the last two rounds of La Liga, Zidane will be the strongest lineup, he will not continue to implement the rotation system. But in addition to Bell, Kawahar and Pepe, Nacho and J Luo will be missed the game. Najiao on the round yellow round will be suspended, Real Madrid for his yellow card appeal has been dismissed. This means that Danilo will be starting in the right back position. J Luo is training on Tuesday was injured in the right leg, he basically will not be set with the team set off.

Although the league title is within reach, Zinedine Zidane still maintained a calm: "We did not talk about the double title, we have to pay attention to is playing a good tomorrow game.We certainly can not championship itself, because we did not get any champion. Lata was replaced by the last round after the fire? He was not at me, because of other things, but I do not know what the specific reasons we have talked about, things have been resolved.

Real Madrid Forecast starting (4-4-2): Keller-Navas; Danilo, Varanese, Ramos, Marcelo; Isaac, Tony-Cross, Casimiro, Modrić ; Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo

Warriors agent Mike - Brown in an (visit LOLGA.INC interview with reporters when the media talked about the Spurs coach Greg - Popovich earlier for Zaza - Pachulia's remarks. Brown said that Popovich was just protecting his players.

"He was just in the protection of his players, the court often have a similar thing happened, before Leonard also stepped on David - Lee's feet, twisted to the ankle." Mike - Brown said, "Then, Marcus - Aldridge in defensive Stephen - Curry also appeared in a similar situation, but the library did not step on Adelaide. I was asked the referee, before the same action is not blowing a barge foul They tell me the difference is that Leonard stepped on the bar, and Curry did not step on.

"This is the same action, tie is not a dirty player, La Marus is not a dirty player. This is basketball, we played very tough, I hate to see anyone injured, hate to see But if you look back at the game video, you will find that I said the two fragments is exactly the same situation, the shooter in the shooting, big man defensive time a little forward, two people I think not on purpose."

In addition, Zaza-Pachulia also accepted a press interview, but he said he would not respond to Popovich's remarks: "No response, I have great respect for the Spurs, but I have no response to the wave of speech ... ... (Popovich said your defensive action is not the spirit of sports, you will be troubled by this?) No, no.I just do their own defense, I hope he did not step on the feet when the foot. , Until I turned back to see him fell to the ground, I knew he stepped on my feet.Lennard a shot I turned to prepare to protect the rebounds, so when the referee whistle, I feel a little surprised to run away , Because I thought there was no physical contact between us, and then I looked back and saw Leonard lying on the ground with an ankle.I really feel sorry for him, hope that nothing happened, there is a different result. , This is the game, no one can control these things.

"I am very respectful of Leonard, he is one of the best players in the league, I wish him everything is good, early rehabilitation. This is part of the basketball game, the field will always happen some crazy things, when the game There are a lot of physical confrontation, playing very intense when they will happen these things. I played in the league for 14 years, I have been 100% to pay and effort. I am not a dirty player, I am not. Basketball, and in the field to fight, from the first day of basketball began, the coach is to teach me this is what I have been playing.

"Finally, I want to say is that my attention is now on the next game, for me this is the most important game.

Popovich also mentioned Zaza's teammate David - West in an interview, and said the reporter could ask West why he would be in conflict with Pachulia when he was working for the Spurs. "My teammates are tough to win, and he's been the player, he's just tough," West said.

Warriors and Spurs' next Western Conference finals will start at 9:00 am on Wednesday, and the venue is still home to the Warriors.

From the US media reports, Warriors (come to  coach Steve - Cole appeared today in the team training field, which is his last two weeks, the first time to attend the team training.

Saturday Cole participated in the team before the meeting, but only to participate, the meeting is still chaired by the chief assistant Mike - Brown. Warriors official said they were not sure when Cole could come back to teach. At the same time, journalists today want to interview Cole, but did not succeed.

During the training period, Cole just sat on the sidelines, did not participate in the command, but he from time to time with the side of the Brown to communicate.

"Obviously, at any time you hear his voice and see his face, that's a great feeling," said Warren Fellowship Stephen-Curry at the end of the training. "He's still doing work and helping us prepare this You know, he missed the daytime business, the team atmosphere, the training, the locker room and the game, etc. So, for him, have the energy to return to the team, which means many. He is feeling better now. "

Cole and the team together on the video lesson. "We watched the video together, and he gave a suggestion for the series," Curry said. "Obviously, the meeting was dominated by Brown coach, but he (Cole) was present.

"It was great for us to see him coming to the training ground," Brown said. "He is our leader, so it 's nice to see him.

Because two years ago, back surgery caused by complications, Cole since the first round of the first game since the third game, put the command to Brown, their peace of mind treatment.

Western Conference finals, the first game of the Warriors and the Spurs will start next Monday.

NBA West semi-finals and then  (visit LOLGA.INC)  a group, the Spurs away again to 114-75 victory over the rocket, so as to score 4-2 out of the Rockets cut to the Western Conference finals. Aldridge played the best game in the series, and he averaged 25 points and 12 rebounds and 25 rebounds in 25 of 15 shots, but his performance did not reach that level , Averaging 18.5 points and 8.6 rebounds.

In particular, the first two races in the game, Aldridge was tightly suppressed by the Rockets, the first game and even only 7 of 2 shots in 4 points and 6 rebounds, became the rocket lost the first war the biggest sinner. The second game, although 14 of 14 shots in 15 points and 8 rebounds, but this performance is clearly not enough. He is inside the face of Capella or inside, even Anderson's defense can make him in the confrontation can not account for any cheap, his singles often without success, the defensive end is also difficult to limit the Capai Pull the air bombing and the inside of the impact.

In the key game of the kings battle, Aldridge is also in the doldrums, the game began to hand the wind is not smooth, the first section of 5 vote 1 only 4 points and 3 rebounds, and in the most critical fourth and overtime , He almost completely disappeared, and no scoring for all, did not take the task of attacking the core of the inside.

However, Aldridge has played well when the third game he ushered in the outbreak, the whole game he scored 12 of 12 shots and scored 26 points and 7 rebounds, especially in the distal game, it is he inside the frequent Storm succeeded, only to help the Spurs will be separated and eventually win. And in the fifth game of Leonard missed, he is made up big divine scored 32 points and 12 rebounds.

From the overall point of view, Aldridge's attack is still soft, he hit the fight after the poor rate, more attacks can only rely on their own feel, the third and sixth game, he Is a significant reduction in physical confrontation, more direct shot, the wind is very smooth case he can often have a good performance, while the Spurs want to go farther, Aldridge must also be more tough.

NBA Western Conference semi-finals (visit LOLGA.INC between the Spurs and the Rockets launched the king of the mountain contest, and ultimately through the overtime battle, the Spurs at home to 110-107 victory over the rocket, the big score came 3-2. After the game, the Spurs promotion situation has become very good.

Spurs in the history of the war to participate in the experience of the more powerful, they have nearly six times in the war of kings have won the game, although the significance of the battle of the King Mountain, but won the king of the mountain does not represent the final victory, The Spurs lost nearly three of them in nearly six days of winning the game, the most recent one is in 2015 by Paul grab the first round of the lore was eliminated by the Clippers, and the most unforgettable to 2013 total Final, King Mountain win but eventually lost to the Heat lost 3-4 champion. In contrast, the Rockets King of the Battle of the King of the less, and the last three days after the war they lost the game.

But the history of the data does not represent the reality of the situation, the Spurs and the Rockets this season has lost two generals in the case, their strength has become closer to the situation is also more uncertain, but the Spurs sit at home advantage And the king of the mountain to win the probability of winning large historical data, which makes their promotion situation has become relatively better, and the rocket as long as the next home to keep their promotion there is hope.

British media "The Sun" news that flows (click FIFA Coins into the transfer market Lukaku, is the summer window of the meat and potatoes, but which team will sign him, become the focus of attention. Right now, Manchester United, Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain and other top giants, are very interested in Lukaku, but smaller World of Warcraft is more inclined to stay in the Premier League, after all, he is more familiar with the country's football style.

This season, Lukaku performance is very eye-catching, 35 Premier League scoring 24 goals assists 6 times, leading the striker list, is expected to win the first career Premier League gold boots. Excellent performance, naturally won the favor of many top giants, Lukaku also hope to get the Premiership Golden Boot after leaving Everton, to a higher platform, at least to participate in the Champions League event. Prior to this, there is news that Lukaku may return to Stamford Bridge, joining Chelsea. For the Blue Bridge, Lukaku is very familiar with the summer of 2011, he moved from Anderlecht to Chelsea, unfortunately, he failed to base, only on behalf of the Blues played 15 times, 0 goals, on the permanent Move to Everton.

Now, Lukaku became the Premier League one of the best striker, adapted to the British football style, the ability to foothold in any top giants. As Diego - Costa may leave this summer, so there is Lukaku back to Stamford Bridge news. British media "The Sun" news that Lukaku on the return to Chelsea is not cold, he felt that they are not suitable for the blue coach Conti's tactical system, Little World of Warcraft will not accept the second failure in Stamford Bridge. Compared to Chelsea, Lukaku more want to join Manchester United, although the Red Devils coach is Mourinho, the two had been in the Stamford Bridge was unpleasant, when Mourinho is the main reason for leaving Little World of Warcraft Chelsea.

Even if Mourinho coach Manchester United, but Lukaku since that is more suitable for the Red Devils, hoping to join the old Trafford. Fleet Street, said Lukaku to join Manchester United, need to wait for the opportunity, the current Mourinho in the front line of choice, more inclined to the Italian athletic gods Gueri Leiman; of course, Ibrahimovic seriously injured, next season, Manchester United certainly need to add more Striker, Lukaku absolutely have the opportunity to join the old Trafford, but he up to 80 million pounds worth, may make any one of the top clubs are hesitant, after all, it is too high.

"Fox 26" reporter Mark - Bellman on Twitter  (click LOLGA)  in the sun out of the Chinese star Zhou Qi in the rocket home training video. From the video point of view, Zhou Qi mainly carried out two wings three-pointers practice.

It is reported that Zhou Qi's training is before the Rockets training, followed by him is the Rockets technical coach John Lucas. In addition, the Rockets boss Leslie - Alexander is also watching the side. This shows that the Rockets up and down on the Zhou Qi placed a high expectations.

The Rockets is a three-point fleet, so they hope that the big man also has a certain ability to cast in the far. The fact is, Zhou Qi can really cast three points. Today's training, Zhou Qi focused on the exercise of the left and right sides of the three points.

During the CBA Finals this year, Zhou Qi injured his left thumb, the injury he flew to Houston training. Saturday Rocket team and the Spurs of the Western Conference semifinals 3, Zhou Qi is in person to watch the scene.

According to the previous rumors, Zhou Qi is likely to sign this summer with the Rockets. Zhou Qi broker cold steel told the Houston Chronicle last week, "we will be training with the Rockets, we look forward to the two sides sit down and talk about to see what may happen in the future.He (Zhou Qi) dream It 's going to play in the NBA one day now and we're focusing on training.

2016 NBA Draft, the Rockets in the third round of the second round selected Zhou Qi. "Houston Chronicle" revealed that Zhou Qi may play for the Rockets in June this year's summer league; but cold steel said that now nothing is finalized.

21-year-old Zhou Qi to help Xinjiang team to win this year's CBA championship. 16-17 season, he played a total of 44 games, averaging 32.5 minutes to play, to produce 16.0 points 10.0 rebounds and 2.3 blocks 1.2 assists 1.0 steals data, three-point shooting 36%.

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