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2016-17 season NBA to continue the  (get more NBA Live Coins from lolga) playoffs, and inside and outside the stadium, there are a lot of news worthy of attention.

The following is a summary of some of today's NBA news:

Hurtas does not care for the Lakers

From the US media reports, the Brazilian defender Marcelo - Hurtas has updated Instagram, expressed his old club Lakers dismay, "the last night, the last sunset. Is the time to go home, this summer to prepare Good life of the next journey in the Lakers experienced two ups and downs of the season, thanks to all the way to my support! Thank Los Angeles! Thank Lakers fans! Also thank my wife, thank you for supporting me to overcome the way Difficult and hinder! "Hultas was 34 years old, he signed in September 2015 with the Lakers, after which he played in Los Angeles for a half season. February 24 this year, Hultans was sent to a rocket in a deal, but soon after being laid off.

Indian City coach to retain George

From the US media reports, Pacers coach Nate - McMillan today at the season summary conference, said he wanted to star Paul - George can stay in India. "My plan is to hope that he (Paul - George) is back to us, what he wants is what I want, and the team is eager to win," McMillan said. In the summer of 2013, George and the Pacers signed a five-year contract of $ 91.63 million. But just after the playoffs, George was swept by the knights, the performance was very disappointed, analysts believe that George is likely to have sprouted the idea of ​​leaving the team.

Noah shoulder surgery is successful

From the US media reports, the Knicks official announced today that the team center Joe King - Noah has been surgery, successfully repair the left rotator sleeve damage. Although the New York side did not disclose the specific rehabilitation timetable, but from the coach Jeff - Hornerhak learned that Noah need to rest for five months. After joining the Knicks this season, Noah's very bad, in February this year, he also received the left knee arthroscopic surgery. In addition, he was banned for violating the Union doping rules 20 games. This season, Noah played for the Knicks 46 games, averaging 22 minutes played, contributed 5.0 points 8.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists.

Nuggets rookie to complete the operation

According to US media reports, Nuggets general manager Tim - Connor announced earlier today, the team guard Jamal - Murray has successfully received the core muscle-related injuries surgery. Earlier, Murray will be in the summer to restore basketball-related activities, to the fall training camp, he will be able to (welcome to our NBA Live Coins site fully recover. Murray is the first round of the first round in 2016 rookie, according to previous reports, the entire season, he has been troubled by sports hernia. In spite of this, Murray or full attendance played 82 regular season games, averaging 21.5 minutes of playing time, get 9.9 points and 2.6 rebounds and 2.1 assists.

Arsenal 1-0 win over Leicester, after the (come to game, Bellein that the team's efforts to get a return.

Is this Arsenal's goal to win and keep four hope?

This victory is very important to us, after last week's FA Cup race, morale has been improved, we know that must maintain such morale. Leicester has been very difficult to deal with, they are very good defense, so want to score very difficult. We waited for the last ten minutes, but our performance was worth a victory. We have spent most of the time out of the fighting and vitality, we need to continue to guarantee this.

What is the second half replaced Gulu?

This change is important, and (how to get you can come to lolga)  sometimes you need to change tactics, I think the team started very dynamic, we also have the opportunity, but not efficient enough. But we always believe there will be a chance to score, and in the end we also got the goal. I think it is a good thing for the team to move on, we are very patient and gain a victory.

What do you think of 3-4-3?

The formation is now running very well, sometimes you need to change the system, so that other teams in the face of your hesitation, I think the team performed well. No matter what form we play, we have to come up with good performance, continue to move forward and enjoy the game.

What about the North London Derby on Sunday?

With the fighting spirit and good mood to participate in such a game is very important, after two victories, the team atmosphere is very good, we have to move forward.

2016-17 season, the England Premier League 28th round  (click FIFA 18 Coins)  of a racing competition, Arsenal shenzhen chiefs (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site stadium against Leicester City. Arsenal can be said to encounter their favorite counterparts, Arsenal recently in the Premier League home against Leicester City made a wave of nine straight, the last 20 Premier League against Leicester City, Arsenal to maintain Unbeaten, the game Arsenal is expected to continue a good momentum to win 3 points to catch up with the first four, in addition, Sanchez will be a single season against the Premiership 20 goals milestone record.

Clash record

This will be the history of the two games in the first race of the 137th confrontation, after Arsenal made 63 wins and 45 draws and 28 losses, into the 257 ball lost 167 ball record, which in the Premier League era of 21 confrontation, Arsenal 13 Wins 7 level 1 negative occupy the absolute advantage, the two teams played against the last 10, Arsenal 6 wins and 4 level unbeaten. Arsenal in the Premiership home against Leicester City has made a wave of nine straight. The two teams recently clash in the second round of the Premier League this season, when Arsenal guest 0-0 draw in Leicester City. Arsenal in the Premiership only once lost to Leicester City also dates back to 1994-95 season, when Arsenal guest 1-2 defeat.

Aspect one: Arsenal encounter favorite opponents

Home against Leicester City, Arsenal can say that they encounter the most favorite team. The two teams in the Premier League era of 21 encounters, Arsenal only 1 defeat, but also dates back to 1994, then, Arsenal 20 consecutive Premiership against Leicester City unbeaten, gunmen last 9 times In the league home against Arsenal made a wave of nine straight, last season, Leicester City scenery won the league championship, but still Arsenal double play, the game gunmen very promising to continue the recent good momentum, home beat Leicester City continues to move closer to the top four.

Aspect 2: Sanchez Impact 1 Milestone Records

This season can be said Sanchez joined Arsenal since the most outstanding season, the Sunday FA Cup semi-finals, Arsenal is by virtue of Sanchez in overtime winning goal, out of Manchester City finals, the current Sanchez Has been in the Premier League this season scored 19 goals, ranked third in the Premiership scorer, still hope to compete for the best shooter. If the game Sanchez to score, he will become the fifth in the history of Arsenal, the Premiership single season scored at least 20 goals or more players, after Arsenal celebrities Henry, Ian - Wright, Van Persie, Adebayor has reached this feat.

Aspect three: flying wings out of doubt

Arsenal two games since the evolutions for the three guards since the formation of the most dazzling can be said to be the right side of the Chamberlain, three guard formation to maximize the trigger Chamberlain in the sidewalk breakthrough sharp advantage, Sunday's FA Cup semi-final , It is Chamberlain on the right side of the pass in the ball assists Monreal equalized the game, the game Chamberlain was also rated as the best audience, but Chamberlain in the FA Cup on Sunday in the lower leg slightly injured, can No war out of the game doubt, Wenger said Chamberlain injury is not serious, but will look at his situation before the game to make a decision. Once Chamberlain can not play, Bellein may replace his position.

Pre-match sound

Wenger (Arsenal coach): the current situation, we must win all the rest of the game to ensure that the first four into the. This is our goal, so this game against Leicester City game we have to win 3 points. We brought the positive energy of the FA Cup semifinals to the Premiership. The last round of the match against Middlesbrough Our state has been a good start, hope against the city of Leicester City, we can continue this momentum.

Shakespeare (Leicester City coach): I am not sure how many points in the end to ensure the success of the relegation, Sunday will have a clear result, all the teams are fighting for victory, get more points, I read Arsenal on Sunday against Manchester City FA Cup semi-finals, gunmen excellent state and will not make me feel uneasy, because they have a lot of good players, they deserve the last win the game, even if it is a Both sides are very close to the game.

Injury report

Arsenal: Cazorla (injured), Pérez (injured), Ospina (injured), Chamberlain (suspect), Mustafi (injured)

Leicester: Morgan (injured), Sliamani (injured), Mendi (injured), Wag (injured)

Forecast starting

Arsenal (3-4-2-1): 33 - Cech / 6 - Coase Czerny, 6 - Coase Czerny, 16 - Hallin / 15 - Chamberlain, 29 - Zacha, 8 - Ram Cypriot, 18 - Monreal / 11 - Ozil, 7 - Sanchez / 12 - Giroux

Leicester (4-4-2): 1 - Schumacher / 17 - Simpson, 29 - Benalu Luen, 6 - Hut, 28 - Fox / 26 - Mahericks, 25 - En Didi, 10 Andy - Gold, 11 - Al Brighton / 23 - Uluya, 9 - Waldie

Gary Perry, who was afresh called the (go to Buy NBA Live Coins)  best arresting amateur in 1996, talked about his best arresting amateur of the division in an interview. He said the Warrior striker Drawn-Green should acquire won the prize.

"My admired applicant is Dr Raymond - Green, and Raymond has provided added activity for the Golden Accompaniment Warriors," Payton said in an interview. "He's consistently angry the arch of the opponent. Acquire this challenge. "

"He (Green) afflicted the bold like a big player," Peyton added. "When Mutombo and Alonzo-Mourning won the appellation of the best arresting player, they could advanced a awning , And change the game, while Green at both ends of the breach and aegis can change the game, he can avert the defender, but aswell to avert anniversary other's big players.

"When Deremund faces a taller amateur than he is, he will never let the big man accomplish the aforementioned bit if he is with him.He will not accumulate the added ancillary aback to anniversary added aback to play their own, He will be through the amaranthine movement to get their own advantage, because he has the adeptness to cut off the brawl his duke quickly, and this is what he did the best abode if your acme and weight can not bout with anniversary added You acquire to do that. "

The approved division of (welcome to our NBA Live Coins site the season, Green represents a absolute of 76 appearances on the Warriors, averaging 10.2 credibility can be contributed 7.9 rebounds and 7 assists and 2 steals and 1.3 cover.

In the just-concluded European Cup (click FIFA 18 Coins)  quarter-finals, Manchester United boondocks of Old Trafford adjoin Anderlecht, both 90 account of time 1-1 draw, Rushford overtime finale, And ultimately advice Manchester United to abruptness the European Cup semi-finals.

For the drillmaster Jose - Jose Mourinho, this is a anniversary victory, which is the Portuguese career 10th led his assemblage to beforehand the semi-finals of the war, angry the Italian align Trapattoni with the above Manchester United drillmaster Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mourinho 10 times in the European war four semi-finals, Chelsea and Real Madrid accept three times, Porto twice, Inter Milan and Manchester United once. And this is the aboriginal time Manchester United history of the European Cup semi-finals, afterwards Manchester United has never won the European Cup champion.

Home Lectra Anderlecht aswell let Manchester United this division in Old Trafford best almanac accumulated to 26 games, almanac 17 wins and 9 level, which is aback October 2011, Manchester United home best after-effects ( That time 37 amateur at home to abide unbeaten).

The UEFA Cup semi-final draw (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site  will be captivated at 12 US bounded time, Manchester United may appointment opponents are Lyon, Ajax and Celta.

Dejan Lovren has accent the accent of (visit LOLGA.INC)  Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino in Liverpool's bid to defended a top-four finish.

Firmino denticulate the alone appetence of the bold adjoin West Brom at the weekend, while aswell applique the champ adjoin Stoke City-limits the ceremony afore afterwards Coutinho had avant-garde levelled the scoring.

Both Brazil internationals acquire already accomplished bifold abstracts this appellation and Lovren is blessed to await on the duo to accomplish the aberration in Sadio Mane's absence due to injury.

"These two amazing guys, these two adapted players beggarly a lot for us," Lovren told the club's official website.

"Hopefully they will breach fit until the end of the season. We are missing abounding players, but they showed afresh in the added bisected adjoin Stoke that they can change the bold whenever they want.

"Sometimes you allegation that. Top teams like us sometimes depend on our big players.

"But it is not just on them, the albatross is for anybody to do our job.

"We acquire a big affair to achieve: the Champions League. Anybody wants that. If you appetence to be a top team, you allegation to abide to play able-bodied in every game."

Liverpool sit third in the (how to get you can come to lolga)  table with 66 credibility from 33 games, captivation a six-point beforehand over fifth-placed Manchester United, although Jose Mourinho's men acquire two amateur in hand.

In the morning, the 1/4 finals of (visit LOLGA.INC the Champions League, Real Madrid, Bayern beat, cut into the semi-final. However, the referee in the game after a penalty caused a lot of controversy: Look into the offside, 100

One goal. Pique and after the Barcelona game player through a push or do you prefer to be silent. Pique has been said, Ramos also made a response.

Ramos says, 'go to the game to watch Paris and decide if this is the second opinion that the youth may be to wait and see! '

As a result miscarriage of justice in the game for so many people started to call for the introduction of VAR (playback referee electronic technology), Diego said, "We must now take

the introduction of penalties for whom the support of lorem var.

The game is also the first 100 games in the Champions League Diego, because of this fact, Ramos very proud and said: "This is wonderful number, I hope that in this sport for many

years to enjoy his heels. '

Although the semi-finals is kicked, but many Real Madrid fans started to look into the Champions League final in Cardiff city, which is now called, but this morning Ramos: "We

and now do not doubt that it can not talk because we want to win the Champions League, however, they are the last of the fruits can be quite, we are already of the Bayern Munchen

The biggest challengers for (how to get you can come to lolga)  the championship. '

The total score of 3-5 loss to  (click LOLGA)  Real Madrid, Bayern lost to Real Madrid, as it is lost to the power of the age. Especially when the team needs a long time 10 dozen 11, Bayern looks everywhere are 30 + veterans, how to keep them burst out of amazing energy? This is not realistic, nor scientific.

Against the Real Madrid match, Bayern discharged the following starting lineup: Neuer / Ram, Boateng, Hu Meier Si, Alba / Vidal, Alonso / Robben, Tiago, Franck Ribery / Lewandowski. This is the starting 11 people, 90 only Alba and Tiago, 30 years old players have 5 people, 29 years old and 4 people. The average age of the 11 people reached a staggering 30-year-old and 116 days, Ancelotti's veteran fleeing, in one fell swoop to create the history of the Champions League's oldest lineup. Perhaps, good at tuning and using veteran Ancelotti hope to use these veteran veterans in the Bernabeu stadium to complete a counterattack. Hope is beautiful, the reality is very skinny, An Shuai veteran tactics was close to success, but finally die a natural death.

In fact, Bayern is not without fresh blood. Look at Bayern's bench: Kimi Si, Sangsisi, Coleman, Costa and Bernard are 90 players, the top three is 95 after. But the critical moment, Ancelotti has chosen to trust veterans, naturally, some of these young people do not trust. If the young man is strong enough, which coach will be placed without it? If Bayern executives can be aware of the team's early lineup aging problem, early to open the replacement work, rather than for the results, choose "conservative treatment", perhaps tonight's Bernabeu, Bayern will not break the starting lineup in one fell swoop The

In addition to staff aging, individual positions also lack the depth of the bench. For example, the center position! It is true  (how to get you can come to lolga) that Levante's physical qualities are simply non-human, and his career has so far never missed more than two games due to injury. It is also the Polish Feng Pa terror of the physical quality of the impressed, so that Bayern eventually gave up the introduction of the Levin bench. But it was Levin's occasional injury, but let Real Madrid "took the opportunity" took away a valuable away victory. Levin this campaign with injury play, still finished the goal, Levin million in the team comes with the law of the law continues. However, Levin after leaving, Bayern in the front line no longer threatening, Muller really just a two striker, can not do a lot of work center. Bayern helpless stop eight strong, striker not to force is a big reason. Another example is the wings! Roberto combination of sharp, but add up 67 years old! Once the limelight of the Koko combination of the season both into a downturn, it seems that the successor in the team in the team is difficult to find. Once the two injuries (this situation is too common), Bayern wings of the tactics will not work.

The first round of the playoffs, the Spurs 111-82 home victory over the Grizzlies. Small Gasol outbreak of the (visit LOLGA.INC audience 18 vote 11 scored 32 points 5 rebounds and 2 assists. But the first half scored 25 points of his excessive physical exertion, the second half hit a sharp drop. Although cut down the beautiful data, and ultimately lost to the Spurs Twin Towers.

The game began, small Gasol free throw line on the left side of the strong eat Dmitry turned to shoot the first ball into the Grizzlies, the second round of the three-point line directly into the body. The first pause before the small Gasol one scored 7 points, the Spurs center Dai De Meng face the little Gasol attack no way, Bobovic can only let the big Gasol ahead of play. Brothers confrontation in the small plus still thunderbolt, although the first to eat a big hat brother, then use a beautiful break turned to layup layup. The first section of the game, plus 6 plus 5 scored 11 points and 1 assists.

Spurs inside, Aldridge's first section of a vote in 0 0 points in a single. Until two minutes after the start of the second section, Adelaide face Jackie Michael - Green's defense to find the state, three attacks in the two singles hit, once turned to grab the want to attack the Grizzlies players, directly to the right Corner of the Parker, the latter's third to help the Spurs direct overtake. Spurs at this stage to play a wave of 7-1, are directly related to Adelaide, Grizzlies in the town can limit Ade's only small Gasol.

Small Gasol came back after the face singles Aldridge, continuous pressure to the paint area two steps, in the case of Ade did not dislocation turned back jumper. Parker three points after the anti-Grizzlies, the small Gasol a record three times again tied. Stalemate stage almost become a small Gasol score performance, cast, one-third, the basket is not the same as the strong eat. Halftime finish, small Gasol 13 vote 9, one scored 25 points 2 rebounds and 2 assists.

Easy side battles, small Gasol got Grizzlies 9 points in the first 9 points, but the Spurs led by Leonard led to 9 points. Suspension back, Ade bite the bullet storm attack small, three times a pair of singles, twice into a foul. Melee combat small and further consumption of physical, basket hit rate decreased significantly. Spurs are non-stop with Ade, big plus and David - Lee three turns and small plus singles. Three ends, a small increase of 18 strokes 11 get 32 ​​points and 5 rebounds, but the hit rate has been significantly reduced.

In the end, the small data also  (how to get you can come to lolga) stay in 32 points and 5 rebounds and 2 assists, halftime cut the dazzling data and hit the Spurs inside him, in the second half into a physical crisis, and ultimately failed to lead the Grizzlies win. In this round of series, the small Pau Gasol how reasonable allocation of strength, the Grizzlies will be a key factor in winning.

 This week, Californias DMV arise belletrist  (go to Cheap Albion Online Silver)  for the nine accidents involving self-driving cars in the accompaniment over the abide year. Spoiler: they were all acquired by humans.The aboriginal draft happened in October of abide year if a beastly animate a Honda in Palo Alto dinged the ancillary of a Delphi self-driving Audi. The added eight were accidents involving Googles self-driving Lexus models, not the podlike cars its been testing out added recently. 

The belletrist actualization self-driving cars afterward the rules and acquiescent to advancing traffic, but accepting debilitated by absent-minded humans. All of the accidents circuitous the cars accepting rear-ended or side-swiped, mostly while in chargeless admission but aswell sometimes in beastly mode. Accustomed the added than a amateur afar self-driving cars admission driven, and the way bodies freak-out if they see a car with a awe-inspiring self-driving alarm on its roof, the low bulk of accidents speaks to how abounding bigger behaved self-driving cars are on the anchorage than humans. On average, there are 1.10 deaths per 100 amateur car afar catholic in 2013, according to the NHTSA. 

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