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Now that we know the World Cup attract, we come up with a new file format for opposing FIFA's 18-strong team!

We now know the 8 teams of the next Globe Cup in Russia, buy fifa 18 coins,these types of five African countries tend to be more or less fortunate.

To maintain the theme alive till next summer, let you enter into the suspense and mix football with the new framework of FIFA 18. Certainly, we have brought every Africa countries to the World Mug, we are opposed to their particular countries in international soccer league 18th. Let's check out what is it with our first video game, Egypt to the country, Russian federation.

Egypt, as you can see, is doing very well because of the gold in front. Mo Salah, the best player within the team, has been in the best form of his life since the start of season. As for defense (including the goalkeeper), silver informs us that Egypt is not always comfortable in this respect.

On the Ruskies side, you can notice that in writing we have a higher average, just gold-plated players. Although the greatest players have a total associated with 82 players, the whole group is more homogeneous, and on papers, Russia isFIFA18's favorite.

FIFA's opposition on the 18th

Actually , in this FIFA 18 match up between Egypt and Spain, fifa 18 coins,the speed is very fast. In fact , Russia scored in the 2nd minute and doubled the actual bets in the 11th moment. There were only two lens in the meeting. Unfortunately with regard to Egypt, there was only one photo and the difference was broad.

So Russia won 2-0 in the 15-minute game. Remember that smollov finished the game having a shot of 2.


Promote FIFA 18 durante moins de a quarter Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins -hour avec Brak2K

Il demeure l’une des personnalités les plus emblématiques de la scène FIFA française, Brak2K vous fait découvrir l’ensemble des modes ainsi que menus de FIFA 18.

, c’est à l’origine l’un des pionniers de l’e-sport PES puis FIFA en France. Constamment aux côtés hun son acolyte Generic ‘Spank’ Grannec, il a monté l'ensemble des échelons un à un pour rapidement devenir commentateur een compétitions prestigieuses comme l’ESWC.

Maintenant esta l’e-sport FIFA explose dans le terre entier, Brak2K the encore passé united nations pallier et nous-mêmes avons pu ce voir animer l’émission régulière consacrée à l’Orange eLigue one sur Bein Sports activities, toujours en compagnie de Bruce.

Ces dernières semaines ce a bien entendu été invité k?rester EA Sports à l’ensemble des événements dédiés à are generally sortie prochaine fuente FIFA 18. C’est lors de l’un deux qu’il a décidé de nous montrer en vidéo l’ensemble des menus ni jeu, le promote en mois dom 15 minutes.

Nous voyageons donc de FUT aux campagnes single.  cheap fut 18 coins La première impression ora s’en dégage c’est que cette année encore, vous ne êtes pas dépaysés tant les changements apportés aux menus seront minimes. Seul le mode FUT retrouve apparaître quelques nouveautés visibles.

Pour juger le degré fitness renouveau de FIFA  18 par rapport à ses prédécesseurs, c’est plutôt au niveau man gameplay et kklk fonctionnalités que tout cela va se juger. Il faudra subséquemment attendre la écoulement officielle le twenty nine septembre prochain aussi de bien the prendre en primary.

En attendant, vous pouvez retrouver chicago vidéo complète sobre Brak2K vous présentant l’ensemble des selections de FIFA eighteen en moins via 15 minutes ci-dessous.


EA Sports has now released the 7th update for FIFA 18 on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. This requires the version number up to 1 . 07.

This update had been released a few days back for PC owners. If you missed the actual announcement, EA published the patch notes on its official website. Check out the details down below.

Addressed the following issues in Game play:

A freeze happening, in some situations, during the goal celebration for a goal that was obtained by the goalkeeper.

The goal celebration becoming skipped, in some circumstances, after a goal had been scored by the goalkeeper.

Holding the run button will once more cause a Fifa 18 Player Auction coins goalkeeper to obtain up quickly if he is on the ground while holding the ball.

The player sometimes being in control of the incorrect player in a Skill Game.

Stringing the actual juggle skill move together multiple times in the Practice Arena could cause your player to disappear.

Updated the actual default FIFA Instructor settings for the Intro Match to show both Movement and Mechanics instead of just Movement.

Resolved the following issues within Online Modes:

Boat captains, or players which had just transferred captaincy to another player, getting disconnected or even crashing after inviting another club to some match in Professional Clubs Friendlies in certain situations.

Made the following changes in FIFA Ultimate team:

Added the ability to watch FUT Champions Channel replays in a slower (0. 5x) playback speed.

When toggling the actual playback speed of the replay, it cycles through Normal –>  Fast –>  Slow.

Eliminated the Single Gamer Camera from the list of available camera perspectives in FUT Champions Channel.

Removed the actual non-functional Restart button in the FUT Champions Channel Pause Menus.

Renamed the FIWC Stadium item to FeWC Stadium.

Resolved the following issues within FIFA Ultimate group:

FUT Squads which had default techniques values that were improperly set to over one hundred have been reset towards the normal default beliefs.

A visual issue where sometimes the actual kit that a player selected to play with would not be the kit that their opponent would see them playing with in FUT Online modes.

The FUT Squad Battles Featured Squad image not loading properly after rapidly shifting through screens.

The Pause Menu countdown timer sometimes showing throughout a FUT Champions Channel replay.

The scrolling team lineup list sometimes showing at the start of a FUT Champions Channel replay.

The penalty shootout tutorial buy fifa 18 coins sometimes showing during a penalty shootout in a FUT Champions Channel replay.

Resolved the following issues within Audio / Visual / Presentation:

Up-dates to the 2D pictures for some players.

This really is far from the last up-date that will be implemented hanging around. EA Sports wants more feedback from fans and more up-dates are expected to be launched throughout 2018 prior to the release of FIFA 19.


The new fix for FIFA has not limited itself to solving the problem. American software has fixed other errors and secondary failures, fut 18 coins,but has caused a lot of trouble to users around the world.

Here is a list of the remaining improvements.

Pressing the shutter button allows the goalkeeper to get up faster from the ground and hold the ball in his hand.

Fixed player control failures in skill tests, and users used incorrect players in some of the challenges. In addition , if the dribbling technique is repeated many times, the player will not disappear again.

FIFA trainers will also present game mechanics in introductory competitions, not just movements.

At the professional club,buy fut 18 coins, there will be no longer the captain of another player.

The value of more than 10 in the default policy for the Ultimate Team rose has been restored to normal values.

The FIWC stadium was renamed FeWC stadium.

Fixed the problem that the uniforms on FUT Online were wrong, and sometimes players showed toys that didn't match the actual choice of toys.

Update a few players' 2D photos.

Sami hedilla, Juventus and the German midfield have been updated.


FIFA  Chemistry Styles are an easily-missed way to add Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins huge improvements to your individual player ratings in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, allowing you to tailor stat boosts from high Chemistry for each player as you wish.

As we also dicuss in our main PAURA Chemistry guide, we can't emphasise their importance enough, with the stat-modifying add-ons able to increase specific attributes by up to fifteen points each, totalling a whopping 90 attribute points, rather than the standard 5 across the board.

With that in mind, we've put together a quick guide below helping you choose the best FIFA Biochemistry Styles for each position and why - meaning no more scratching of heads and inefficient Styles ruining all your hard work in the transfer market.

FIFA Chemistry Styles explained - what are Biochemistry and biology Styles in TIMORE 18 Ultimate Team and how do Chem Styles work?

Effectively, Chemistry Styles work by increasing a set number of player characteristics - like Sprint Speed or Crossing - which are categorised and shown under more general groups on player cards FUT, such as 'Shooting' or 'Pace'.

To get the added effect of the Chemistry Style attached to your player, that player will need to have an Individual Chemistry - shown on the bar under the player picture in one of the secondary FUT Squad views - of at least 5 out of 10. At 4 out of 10, the actual attributes will stay the same, and below that all attributes regardless of Chem Style will start to decrease. You can read more on how to increase Individual Hormone balance in our main cheap fut 18 coins Hormones guide.

The downside is, it's not made explicitly clear which players and positions these Chem Styles actually suit, mainly due to those bundled stats like 'Shooting' not indicating which actual attributes within it - like Finishing or Long Shots - is increased by the Chemistry Style add-on. That means it's not clear, for example , whether you'd want the particular Sniper or Finisher Style on your Striker or your Centre Forward.

Below, we'll tackle that problem.


Hey FIFA Fans,

The latest title update for FIFA 18 is currently available for XB1, PS4 and PC.

This particular update includes the next changes:

Addressed the next issues in Game play:

Incorrect penalty calls where a defender lawfully wins a header but also collides with an attacking player.

Goalkeepers staying on the ground too much time, not attempting to collect the ball, once the ball was within reach after a save.

Goalkeepers sometimes not opting for the ball after a back pass.

This issue would occur more often if using manual passing.

Made the next changes in FIFA Ultimate Team:

Additional a limitation towards the length of time a player can have the Xbox House Menu open during a FUT Champions match.

Opening the Xbox Home Menu during a FUT Champions match will trigger a countdown timer, along with a message that signifies that the player must play the game before the timer expires or the match will be forfeit.

This timer will never be in effect when within the Pause Menu or during halftime.

Additional a limitation towards the length of time a player can have the PlayStation® Powerful Menu open during a FUT Champions match.

Opening the PlayStation® Dynamic Menu during a FUT Champions match will trigger a countdown timer, along with a message that signifies that the player must play the game before the timer expires or the match will be forfeit.

This timer will never be in effect when within the Pause Fifa 18 Player Auction coins Menu or during halftime.

Addressed the following issues within FIFA Ultimate team:

Players getting a information that there are no efforts remaining in the current Daily Knockout Tournament when their final try is still active.

The game freezing when quickly selecting an opponent in Squad Battles immediately after getting to the Opponent Selection display screen.

Corrected some of the textual content for the squad specifications in FUT Champs.

A visual issue with an incorrect overall player rating showing in the Player Performance screen of the Stop Menu in certain situations.

Made the following modifications in Online Settings:

Added additional matchmaking regions in Pro Clubs.

Addressed the next issues in Online Modes:

Players being unable to make quick subs if they had used all their available pauses.

The trophy not being present in the Pro Clubs Championship celebration.

Captains disconnecting from Pro Clubs matches when Voice Chat is actually disabled via video game launcher (PC only).

Addressed the following issues in Career Setting:

Players signed in order to pre-contracts, in the very first season, not coming to your team if the first summer transfer window was handicapped during Career Setting setup.

Some gamer attributes were lacking from the Squad CENTRE.

Addressed the following issues in Tournaments Setting:

The tournament tree in the Women's Worldwide Cup being vacant after the semifinals.

Addressed the following issues within Audio / Visual / Presentation:

Repeated whistling that was heard in some stadiums.

A few visual issues with the Bundesliga broadcast package.

Updates to a amount of crests and packages.


Player Natus Vincere Eugene "Yozhyk" Mostovik won a place one of the participants of the Greatest Team Championship, Major-Championship on FIFA 18.

During the qualifying month Eugene took an active part in the Weekend League and revealed exceptional results: Yozhyk twice passed the length of 40 games without defeats, and in total our player won 157 games out of 160 possible.

As a result of November, the "yellow-and-black" fighter was on the 6th place in the overall standings and guaranteed himself a ticket to the cheap fut 18 coins World Cup.

YES! Qualified for the first Major # FIFA18 event. ✅ 157 wins out of 160. I'll be happy to fight with the 63 other best players in the world. See you there!

- Yevhen Mostovyk (@OfficialYozhyk) November 27, 2017

Eugene's competitors in the next round will be 63 players who also excelled in the weekly contests and entrenched within the top.


Dani Hagebeuk (ajax) is usually complete with FIFA18. Right after failing to hand to Tom Heijnen(Roda JC), he blamed the sport on: "please create a normal game. inch

Hagbeck became the actual winner of the e-division last year, fifa 18 coins,with 2 fingers in his nasal area, but this season they have struggled. He has dropped three of 6 games.

The last period

Heijnen scored an excellent goal at the end of the adventure. When the commentator recognized the beauty of the objective,Hagebeuk opened fireplace and said, "I carry it, really, I am ready! "

Video game debt

"I abhor it. You can listen to very little of it, however I've got a lot of goals from the start, you are able to. Just don't protect, and defensive weaknesses don't usually get into the game.


Additionally under the FIFA eighteen model, Ultimate Sports activities EA Sports provides many discounts in black Friday. Goals display what you can rely on today.

To benefit from the leaves actually on the popular video game FIFA 18 greatest team mode, cheap fut 18 coins,black-friday hit hard. You could expect a day of promotions throughout the new reduce and a team building problem.

Black Friday is Nov 24th. EA sports activities began taking activity from 3 g. m. last year. It really is speculated that the supplier will add brand new packaging products towards the Playstation and Xbox 360 stores every hours. There was a global limitation last year, which intended that the number of low cost packages was restricted. Those who are late might not have received one.

Especially popular are 50K and 100K models, which are very rare. These people only include uncommon gold players. The task of the flash team building events is also expected to make sure that bags and unique jerseys are safe.

Costs fell before christmas

However , because there is absolutely no free suit, fifa ultimate Team 18 coins,you will need enough money to test your luck about black Friday. As a result, numerous sold players a few days ago, reducing the market cost. You can get so many gamers at very cheap costs on Thursday.


FIFA 18: Cristiano Ronaldo faces his score getting DOWNGRADED through EA Sports

The having difficulties Real Madrid _ design has endured fifa ultimate Team 18 coins among the worst La Banda seasons of the career – coming up just one in the last 8 games.

But it might get a lot worse for your FIFA 18 include star – particularly if his form does not drastically improve.

Typically the EA Sports Scores Refresh happens in the beginning of next year ~ February, to be exact , and sees player’s form dictate their particular ratings on FIFA 18.

If a gamer is performing properly, they’ll be in collection for a boost. In case they’re struggling, their very own ratings take a topple – which is unfortunate thing for the misfiring Mis Blancos star.

Often the updated ratings will certainly apply to new foundation items that are found within packs, while some current In-Form versions associated with select players is going to be automatically updated, as well.

Ronaldo is currently among the best players in the game – having a 94 rating. However already, there are some statistics that are coming being doubted.

The Portuguese offers 90 pace, however lost a footrace against veteran Musculoso Madrid defender Juanfran a few days back.

Their shooting and recognition are below k?rester, too. He’s obtained from just one of his / her 55 shots upon goal – the actual worst conversation price of any goalscorer in Europe.

The exact 32-year-old’s passing precision is at 79%, thus his current status of 82 in this attribute seems nice.

Dare we state it, but this individual looks like a player who is lacking confidence.

APP Sports use these types of stats, figures as Fifa 18 Player Auction coins well as performances to determine whether a player is within line for a Evaluations Refresh – and so unless Ronaldo begins improving, he could effectively find himself within the firing line.

Whether his contract along with EA Sports forbids his rating to obtain downgraded – dr. murphy is the cover star in the end – is a secret. But even his particular biggest fans might argue he’s already been especially poor.

Let us hope Ronaldo highs his game prior to it’s too late.

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