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TSN’s Three Man Weave pushes forward with concerns in the east in Cleveland, Chicago and Terrence Ross in Toronto. Nike Air Max 95 Sale . Hosts of TSN 1050s 1 On 1 With Will & Duane, Will Strickland and Duane Watson enlist the assistance of their friend from la belle province, Montreal Marc of Hoops Lounge as they muse over their ideal 3-On-3 NBA team in addition to other burning questions. Do you think DeMar DeRozans return will help or hinder Terrence Ross growth? Strickland: Help. Ross has made it clear that while hes a talented athlete, hes probably also not talented enough to take a Top 3 lead role on a very solid team in the NBA. T-Ross squandered a great opportunity to step up and earn trust and his next contract in Toronto while DeMar DeRozan was on the shelf. Would a change of scenery flip Terrences fortunes? Who knows? The possibility was pondered earlier this season on #3MW of Ross being a prime figure in any asset management moves and scenarios that could be made to bolster this roster for the long haul this season. Perhaps Masai Ujiri is pondering the possibilities now. Stay tuned! Griffin: Hinder. You can only learn so much by watching and waiting in this life. So as long as DeRozan is healthy, I can see T-Ross turning into inevitable trade bait. Lest we forget, Brooklyn badly exposed Toronto in the paint last playoffs whenever JV was not on the court. Masai knows this. The Raptors badly need another rim defender if they wanna take that next step in April. Watson: If Ross is waiting on DeMar to right his game that’s a problem in itself. First and foremost, he can work on becoming a defensive presence. Secondly, he needs to attack the hoop and use his athleticism at the rim, which he should be able to exploit as DeMar draws more defensive attention. The question is, does he want to? Theres talk that 3-on-3 will be an official event in the 2016 Summer Olympics. If it were to happen, who is your three-man team? Strickland: LeBron James, James Harden and Anthony Davis. Play-making, scoring, freakish talent. Multi-faceted games. Hard to imagine this squad losing, though Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Marc Gasol were heavy on the radar as well. Whether this becomes an official Olympic event or not, fantasy GMing these teams is a hoop lovers dream! Griffin: In all my years I’ve learned the most important thing in this game is chemistry. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love sit silently nodding their heads. I’d take a group of talented guys who have been playing together for a while, know their positions, and have a glue guy who can hold everything together. And in the spirit of #JeSuisCharlie the IOC has granted me artistic freedom to have a Frenchman playing alongside two Americans. I’m taking Damian Lillard, Nic Batum, and LaMarcus Aldridge. Coached by the ghost of Dr. Jack Ramsay. …We’ll take all comers. Watson: Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler and Anthony Davis. You can’t hide weak defensive players in a game of 3-On-3, as they will get punished in isolation. Having a team that can go both ways is key, and all of the above are exceptional players on both sides of the ball. Who’s got game? Austin Rivers is about to join his father Doc on the Clippers, do you approve, or should the father/son thing be off limits in the Association? Strickland: Tough call. Coaching your kid at biddy/AAU level is one thing. Coaching him in college or even professionally is an entirely different set of potential headaches. Whether joining a veteran or young team, the notion of nepotism/favouritism, the look of any perceived impropriety and the possibility of straining personal relationships between father and son are immediate red flags that come to mind. A delicate ballet must be danced by both Austin Rivers and his dad Doc in the locker room, on the court and off the court with this new work wrinkle on a team that, while talented, has yet, if ever, to achieve its fullest potential. Not sure if Austin Rivers even counts in the grand scheme of things there, but it will be interesting to observe. Griffin: It depends on the situation. Pistol Pete Maravich’s father coached him in high school and college, and all that pressure nearly cracked the man. Doc Rivers is one of the most respected coaches in the game, so if anyone can do this it’s him. Plus it’s a smart move that he got the blessing from Chris Paul and rest of the guys first. Btw, I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the Rivers household; every night Doc slams his hand like Sonny in The Godfather and yells, “We dont discuss business at the table!” Watson: This may be the best thing for young Austin. Undoubtedly the pressure of playing for your father is immense, but that coupled with having the opportunity to learn from Chris Paul and Jamal Crawford, provides every opportunity for him to reach his potential. If it doesn’t work, he’ll forever be known as “Doc Rivers son.” With the apparent open mutiny in Cleveland, what is the ultimate fate of David Blatt? Strickland: Unless Shane Battier shows up, takes the Cavs to Toronto, watches the Super Bowl with them, makes a speech and then inspires the team to win 26-27 straight, David Blatt making it through the full season would be a surprise and a stain on The Decision 2.0. Coach Blatt is on borrowed time as owner Dan Gilbert could end up possibly paying three head coaches simultaneously all while wondering whether The King and Kevin Love will decide to opt out July 1, 2015, putting additional pressure on the front office in Cleveland. Griffin: He’s gonna be sent back to his homeland. Which is America. Since he’s American. And likely back to college hoops, which seems like a better fit for his my way or the highway personality. Blatt was dealt some pretty difficult cards his first year in the NBA, but you gotta know when to hold ‘em and when to turn that Kenny Rogers cassette tape off. …Maybe he’ll end up back in the Ivy League, take it full circle. Watson: There is no way Coach Blatt will be back at the helm of the Cavaliers next season. Unless Blatt does the impossible, and leads them to an NBA Championship (which isn’t going to happen), but there’s nothing better than being paid to leave. On whom do the title hopes of the Chicago Bulls rest more this season: Derrick Rose or Joakim Noah? Strickland: Noah. Derrick Roses knee woes over the past several years helped to strengthen the resolve of the Bulls as players had to step up and assume greater roles. No one achieved more in that time than Joakim Noah, the 2014 NBA Defensive Player of the Year and two-time All-Star. But the load of carrying Chicago to scrappy but ultimately failing playoff appearances and the minutes Coach Thibodeau hoists on his starters are weighing heavily on Noah. The arthroscopic knee surgery that took longer than expected for Joakim to recover from this past offseason is now compounded by a recurring ankle issue that sidelined him for four games earlier this season and will shelve him for possibly for several more after re-aggravating it vs Washington this past Wednesday. The Bulls could win the East this season without Derrick Rose. They have zero chance with Joakim Noah. Griffin: Not an easy question. But I’m gonna go with DRose. Simply because at heart - he’s the Batman Chicago knows and needs. He’s the local boy done good. The one player every kid from the block looks up to, and the second coming of greatness. Mind you, I don’t believe DRose will ever be the same player again, I’m pretty certain of that. Yet, if Willis Reed stumbling out on one leg in Game 7 of the NBA Finals has taught me anything, it’s that a hobbled warrior can instill greatness in a team. Question is, if that bullish effect can last until June. Watson: Defence wins championships and Chicago runs a defensive system. The heart, anchor and leader of that defensive club is Noah, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. Jimmy Butler has already proven he can provide a level of Rose’s talents, but Noah is indispensable. Follow them on twitter: Will Strickland @WallStrizzle1, Duane Watson @duanewatson and Marc Griffin @MontrealMarc Nike Air Max Womens . Inter moved five points behind fourth-place Fiorentina and eight points behind third-place Napoli, which visits relegation-threatened Sassuolo on Sunday. Air Max 90 Sale . Watching them over the past year - and in some cases, two years - has given us a starting point for this seasons Craigs List.LONDON -- Blackburn striker D.J. Campbell was named Monday as one of the six people arrested in English footballs latest match-fixing investigation. The arrests came after Britains National Crime Agency received information from an undercover newspaper investigation, less than two weeks after lower-league players were charged following another papers investigative work. Blackburn confirmed Campbells arrest on its website, but the club said it was prevented was commenting further because it is an ongoing legal matter. Blackburn plays in the second-tier League Championship, one step below the Premier League. The 32-year-old Campbell has previously played in the Premier League for Birmingham, Blackpool and Queens Park Rangers. The NCA has not identified any of the people arrested, but said Monday that five were released on bail the previous evening until April, while a sixth was still being questioned. The latest fixing plot uncovered by The Sun newspaper appears to centree on elements of matches -- rather than the results -- being manipulated. Cheap Red Air Max. The Sun reported that officers were likely to look at a yellow card Campbell received for a tackle committed in the first half of Blackburns game against Ipswich on Tuesday. The Sun also reported that Oldham player Cristian Montano tried to get booked in exchange for a payment in a League One match in October. Oldham immediately suspended the player and announced the opening of an internal investigation to establish the facts. "Anybody who saw that Sky News report will have been devastated and sick to their stomachs," Oldham manager Lee Johnson said on the clubs website, referring to television coverage. "However, we have to let the authorities do their job and duties, and we cannot prejudice that." Another undercover investigation last month, by the Daily Telegraph, led to two players from the sixth tier being charged with conspiring to fix matches. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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